All About de Vere's Updated iPhone App!

Great news for all you iPhone lovers...we just updated our iPhone app! Our new-and-improved app provides an enhanced pub experience through interactivity, personalization, multimedia, and convenience. Whether you’re looking for our most current menu, wanting to know what craft beers are currently in rotation, or trying to snag a good deal, de Vere’s Pub’s app will show you what’s “on tap,” with just a tap. 

Download the app HERE!

P.S. Have a Droid? Let us know so we can get working on an app for you!

Current app features include:

  1. Ability to rate our food items and recommend them to other app users
  2. Whiskey notes for all our whiskeys
  3. Ability to rate all of the whiskeys in our library and take personal notes on them
  4. Tasting notes on all draught beers, including all past and present craft beers
  5. Notifications on when we tap special hard-to-get kegs
  6. Basic beer terms and definitions
  7. Links to all our social media sites
  8. Hours of operation and directions
  9. Educational videos about whiskey, beer, and all things Irish
  10. Exclusive app-only discounts
  11. Complete Whiskey Society tasting schedule
  12. Featured products
  13. Annual and weekly event information
  14. More features to come!

Local Artist Pete Scully Sketches de Vere's Davis

Prepare to be impressed! This week, local artist Pete Scully, unveiled a true work of art--this sketch of the bar at de Vere's Irish Pub in Davis. The style, detail and precision is truly amazing that we had to share it on our blog to make sure as many people see it as possible.


A note from the artist...

"A couple of weeks ago a new pub opened in downtown Davis, De Vere’s. I had to go by and check it out – and do some sketching. It was very busy! But I saw as soon as I walked in, a chair at the bar all by itself, right in the middle, so I parked, ordered a Sudwerk Aggie lager (quite nice) and got sketching. I was doing a long panorama of the bar, an unusual one for me, so I started right in the middle (the pint glass was the first thing I drew), and worked outwards, a little bit left, a little bit right, all the while squeezed in the throng about me. I didn’t draw the barstaff – they moved too quickly, and were kept busy by the punters. It’s an interesting pub, very big, brand new but with a proper ‘pub’ feel, not just a bar – it felt like something back home, and I missed my old London mates. I finished up my drawing (it took two and a half beers, if you’re interested, and mine’s a pint, if you’re buying), decided against adding colour, and went home. I went back last week with my wife, and we tried their chips with gravy and cheese and I must say it was bloody amazing. With chips and gravy as an incentive, I think I may go and sketch there again from time to time."

We're happy to be a place of inspiration, Pete! Thanks for coming in...come back and sketch anytime.

For more of Pete Scully's art, click HERE.



Q&A with the de Vere's Davis Quizmaster

We're so excited to announce that Pup Quiz night is starting this Monday, November 21st at de Vere's in Davis. We're even more excited to announce the return of "Your Quizmaster" Dr. Andy as our weekly host! Davis locals might already know Dr. Jones from his days at Bistro 33. He's now officially quizmastering at de Vere's every Monday evening from 7-9pm.

Get to know the local celeb, grab some friends, and come join us for Pub Quiz night!


How long have you been a quizmaster? How did you get into it?

I worked as a Quizmaster for about four years until late September, 2011. I’m really looking forward to returning to Quizmastering on November 21st!


Where else have you been a quizmaster?

I was the Quizmaster at Bistro 33 for four years. Before that, I attended the Pub Quiz at Streets of London (Sacramento) from about 2001 to September, 2005 (whereupon my third child was born, and I had to give something up). I’ve also used quiz show approaches to testing in my classes at UC Davis, and presented such approaches to other faculty at teaching conferences.


What's your day job? Any hobbies?

I have hosted the KDVS public affairs radio show “Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour” on Wednesday afternoons at 5 since 2000. I also produce and host the Poetry Night reading series at the John Natsoulas Gallery on the first and third Thursdays of the month; I do this literary and outreach as part of my work as the Chair of the Cultural Action Committee of Davis. Find out more about the poetry series at The rest of my time is taken up by my wife, Kate, by our three children, and by my teaching and administrative duties at UC Davis (where I have been teaching writing and literature classes since 1990). My hobbies include bicycling, chasing after my children in Davis parks, and reading.


What's the format for a typical trivia night?

The Pub Quiz at de Vere’s Irish Pub will begin with the rousing ringing of a cowbell and the sort of vainglorious barking that one might associate with a circus ringmaster. The Pub Quiz will include 30 questions on a variety of topics, including history, literature, current events, pop culture, internet culture, unusual words, Irish culture, Shakespeare, sports, and . . . science! A break will come after question 15, which will be an anagram. Round one will include five short questions (a dozen words or fewer), which we shall call the Short Round. Round two will include five questions on the same topic.

I’m looking forward to starting at 7pm, a reasonable time for people who have to work in the morning. Because Pub Quiz participants will have to come early to claim tables, I also look forward to catching up with old Pub Quiz friends before the show starts. Because of de Vere’s Irish Pubs, both here and in Sacramento, I’ve also developed a fondness for Guinness.


What drew you to become quizmaster at de Vere's?

Anyone who has spent time in the new de Vere’s Irish Pub can’t help but be drawn to it. I grew up and attended college in the cities of Washington DC, New York City, Boston, and London, so I have dined in restaurants that are older than, say, California. Although now only days old, the new Irish pub offers a similar sense of history and authenticity. Interpersonally, I was drawn to Simon and Henry, the owners of this new pub. They have made a huge investment in our community of Davis, and they are men of vision and integrity. I should add that dozens of my former Pub Quiz participants recommended that I consider moving to de Vere’s for the relaunched Pub Quiz, and those recommendations helped me choose de Vere’s over all other suitors.


Any tips for preparing for quiz night?

I recommend forming a team of varied interests and strengths, for I will present questions that appeal to people of various ages, genders, academic disciplines, occupations, and geographic and life experiences. Outside of that, I encourage pub quiz participants to read widely, to be curious about the world, and to engage in conversations with friends about what they know. Once the Quiz has begun, I encourage participants to be thoughtful and trustworthy, and to attend more to the value of the Pub Quiz experience than to the outcome of the Quiz. As Vince Lombardi once said, “It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you have got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner.”

People who are curious about my interests may want to know that I have three degrees in English, and abiding interests in film, funky music, African-American history and culture, technology and social media, politics and current events. I have three children, and enjoy scanning their textbooks for Quiz question topics. I listen to National Public Radio and KDVS, but I try always to include a few questions that will appeal to people who do not.


What's the best team name you've ever heard?

Three of my favorites are “Beer and Trembling,” “Drink Tank,” and “The Last Pigs in Afghanistan.”


Any words of wisdom for those new to quiz night?

Yes, I recommend that new participants observe the rules of the Quiz. Rules Two and Three of the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz, for example, are “No Shouting Out the Answers” and “No Outside Help.” This means that, no matter how difficult, participants should keep their cell phones in their pockets or purses until the conclusion of the Pub Quiz. Pub Quiz participants should come ready to have fun. Consistent exuberance will be rewarded.


We hear you're big on social media. Where can fans follow you?

I can be followed in five ways. First, all are encouraged to visit the website to sign up for the mailing list and to learn more about the Pub Quiz in its previous iteration. I will update that site further as I learn more about the participants in this new Quiz. Secondly, if readers would like to tell me more about themselves as Pub Quiz participants, they can email me at If you have pictures for me to post on the website, they can be sent there. Thirdly, Pub Quiz participants should friend the Quizmaster on Facebook at to see what sort of additional hints, pictures, and comments can be found there. Fourthly, I can be followed on Twitter at I follow back, and welcome Pub Quiz question topic suggestions. Finally, I send out a weekly Pub Quiz Newsletter that brims with hints and insights. Everyone on the mailing list receives a copy, and you can also find it appearing each week as blog entries on the web site.

I’m really grateful to be working with a Pub that values social media, outreach, and engagement as I do. I look forward to seeing all of you at the de Vere’s Pub Quiz!

"Cater to Me" Blog Reviews de Vere's in Davis!

We'd like to send a big shout out to Mandy Beck from Cater to Me blog, who came in on Wednesday for the Sippin' Sudz event. For those of you who didn't get a chance to come in this week for pre-opening events, her blog post should give you a good idea of what you have to look forward to when we officially open on Monday. Enjoy!

De Vere’s Irish Pub, Davis

from "Cater to Me" blog, written by Mandy Beck

I generally don’t review restaurants in Davis for good reason. Davis being an extremely small (but extremely awesome!) college town, I have been to most of the restaurants here more times than I can count, and plus the variation here is sadly lacking: there are at least seven Thai restaurants, 8 Chinese restaurants, and 8 pizza restaurants. Not a knock on any kind of those foods at all, because they are some of my go to spots, however being as food obsessed as I am, I am always looking out for something new.

De Vere’s Irish Pub, which just opened its doors this week, definitely delivers on that need and then some. Located on E Street, between 2nd and 3rd, this is such a unique and welcome addition to the Davis dining scene. I was able to attend a soft opening here Wednesday night, and brought along three friends that are as obsessed with food as I am. Before I go into reviewing our time at De Vere’s, I’d like to quote my friend Lani, who summed it up quite nicely: “This place is so good…and so cozy….I don’t even feel like I’m in Davis.”

So, what made it seem like we were miles away from Davis, CA? First, the restaurant interior. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the pub last week while everything was still coming together, and I have to say I was seriously impressed at the final product. A gorgeous bar (imported from a real pub in Ireland!), dark wood chairs and tables, a ‘library,’ and a room with a TV set the stage, while antiques and pictures of the owners family from Ireland, along with pictures of Davis back in the day, really complete the experience. In a word, it is cozy, and extremely different than any other bar, or even restaurant, you will find in Davis. When I spoke to the owner last week, he emphasized how important it was for him that De Vere’s be a lively community meeting place for professors, students, and families, and I can already see that vision coming together. He told me an Irish saying, that went something like: “You go to the pub after you’re baptized, you go after you have your communion, you go after you get married, and everyone else goes after your funeral.” Being Irish, I have first hand experience of this, and I appreciated the sentiment for both it’s humor and applicability.

The other unique thing about De Vere’s is the cuisine, and how it separates itself from typical ‘pub food.’ Firstly, they make an insane amount of things in house. They butcher their own meats, brine their own bacon, stuff their own sausages, grind their own burgers, and bake their own Irish brown bread daily. This, plus their emphasis in farm-to-table food (what’s up Davis Farmers’ Market), truly puts them in a category of their own. Additionally, their head chef comes straight out of working at The Kitchen in Sacramento, one of my most lusted after restaurants (any takers want to bring me? I won’t give up until it happens).

So now that my food philosophy rant is over…on to the actual food. The soft opening event we went to was actually a joint event with Sudwerk’s, in which Sud’s brought over a couple of their beers (including the extremely delicious Aggie Lager). The four of us all ordered pints (which come automatically as 20 oz., unless you specify smaller). To go with the brews, we ordered some Chips and Dips (fries and dipping sauces), and Parnell’s Potato Boats (crispy potato skins, filled with Dubliner cheddar and house made Irish bacon, served w/ sour cream).

Both of these appetizers were great. We loved the dipping sauces for the chips, and the house made Irish bacon was a great touch on the potato boats. These items are also offered during De Vere’s happy hour, which seems like an awesome deal. And I love a good happy hour.

I obviously ordered the Mac and Cheese (with American bacon), as my entree. I am kind of a mac and cheese freak, and this definitely met my expectations. The noodles were the perfect doneness, and the breadcrumbs on top were a good textural contrast. This is a definite ‘order again.’

Lani and Avery chose to split the Pig Sliders (pork sliders marinated in De Vere’s barbecue sauce, crispy onions, and jack cheese, served with cole slaw). The ever eloquent Lani Chan exclaimed how much she loved the cole slaw, when apparently she doesn’t even like side dish in real life. Oh, and the pork sliders themselves – just the right amount of crisp to keep them from being soggy, but still wonderfully tender.

Chelsea got the Irish American Grilled Cheese (Dubliner and American cheeses with tomato, served with your choice of bread) and the side soup of the day, which was BACON and Leek. I emphasize the bacon because the soup was very bacony without being overwhelming, although let’s be real there is no such thing as too much bacon. The grilled cheese was awesome too, and Dubliner just happens to be my favorite cheese.

Because I like to take full advantage of being 21, I had to try one of the cocktails. I chose the Pink Lady, which is Bombay Sapphire gin, Laird’s Applejack, fresh lime juice, and grenadine. While I looked pretty stupid drinking this dainty beverage while everyone around me was enjoying frosty pints, I don’t regret my decision because this cocktail was refreshment at it’s finest. Overall, I really recommend going here. Like, now. It is a great addition to the Davis dining (and drinking!) scene, and there really is something for everyone. When it gets up and running there will be trivia, Sunday brunches (with BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS), and a Whiskey Society, plus the awesome food and ambiance will always be there. So what are you waiting for?!

Sneak Peek: Pics from Inside de Vere's Davis!

We're working fast and furious for our grand opening on the 14th, and things are coming along great! (By the way, have you signed up for one of our pre-opening events next week? Here's the link: In the meantime, here's an exclusive look inside, as of this morning. Who's excited?!

Main bar, build in Ireland and shipped across the Atlantic.


The "family" room...with a tribute to Terence de Vere White, an acclaimed writer and our grandfather.


The back room, fully equipped with a flat screen TV (not shown) for meetings and presentations. Distressed leather couches were made in Ireland, too!


The "Old World" room, featuring distressed flooring and lots of history on the walls.

de Vere's Irish Pub soon to open in Davis, CA

Construction on de Vere’s Irish Pub in Davis is about two weeks from being finished, and as the bar, which was custom-built in Ireland and then shipped to California, nears completion, Davis residents said they are excited to see a business fill a long-troubled space.

The pub is a new location spawned off the successful de Vere’s Irish Pub at 1521 L St. in Sacramento.

“It seems like it’s going to be a pretty good business,” said Matt Johnson, a 25-year-old bartender from Davis. “I’m excited, and I hope they’re successful.”

Johnson said the space at 217 E St. in Davis has long been something of a revolving door for businesses, which have had trouble staying open much longer than a year.

The space previously housed several restaurants, including Soga’s, Chaat Cafe and Agave.

Image by: Brandon Darnell“I did some research on the company, and I think it totally fits down here,” Johnson said. “It’s always crowded in the other bars, so a new one is always exciting.”

Pub co-owner Henry de Vere White said Wednesday that he wants the pub to be a community gathering place.

“There’s a saying in Ireland that when you’re born, everyone goes to the pub; when you have your first communion, everyone goes to the pub; when you get married, everyone goes to the pub; and when you die, everyone else goes to the pub,” de Vere White said.

He added that the pub concept is more about sharing life experiences than going to a club.

Johnson said he thinks a pub with that atmosphere will be a good fit for Davis.

“We need a place you can sit down and have a drink and not have your ears blown out by loud music,” he said.

Another Davis resident, 25-year-old Marc Meadows, a scientist, said he is happy to see another bar where people can relax, and that has a good beer selection.

“As long as there’s not too many bros, I’ll go there,” he said.

Danielle Orosco, a 22-year-old Davis resident who attends Sacramento City College, said the downtown Davis location is perfect, as it’s walking distance from the UC Davis campus and many homes and workplaces.

“They picked a good town, because Davis is so small that everyone goes out in groups,” she said. “I’m excited. I’ve been living here for two years, and having a new bar to go to will be nice. It looks bigger than some of the other bars, where you just feel squished.”

De Vere White said he looks forward to having the space – which will offer a large selection of food in addition to drinks – be filled with all types of people, from families having lunch and dinner to students coming by in the afternoon to study or dropping by for happy hour.

The building that houses the pub was gutted at the start of construction to allow for the parts constructed in Ireland to be fitted, said Shawn Eldredge of Capitol Painting and Construction, the firm handling the build.

“De Vere’s is a very intense buildout,” Eldredge said. “It’s a lot of material not only from Ireland, but locally.”

Panels built in Ireland await installation in Davis. (Image by: Brandon Darnell)He added that the construction has gone well, but many parts needed to be custom-fitted. In the end, he said, he thinks the finished project will be more than worth the effort.

“I believe it’s going to be prettier than the one in Sacramento,” he said, adding that he was involved in construction of the Sacramento location as well.

De Vere White said that 65 employees have been hired, and most have already completed training.

Pre-opening parties will be held, and those interested can sign up byclicking here.

Brandon Darnell is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press. Follow him on Twitter @Brandon_Darnell.

Burger Thursday's: Sacramento's Best Burgers

FEATURED BLOG:  Round About Sac Town

"First and foremost de Vere’s Irish Pub is one of the best places to go and eat, drink, watch a game, or just hangout. It is centrally located and a great atmosphere. On top of that the people there are great and the de Vere family are truly an asset to our community. Check out the area on St. Patrick’s Day and tell me they don’t know how to go big! I have been many times to de Vere’s and love the feel and the food every time, but my full review will come soon in another post with lots of pictures.

I did find out about their upcoming Burger Thursday specials. A few months ago de Vere’s and Burger Junkies (@burgerjunkies) put on Sacramento Burger Month and de Vere’s had a new unique burger each week of the month and it went over well. They do an excellent job with each burger creation they come up with and bringing back the concept sounded like a great idea. So what I was told is that each Thursday for two weeks at a time there will be a special featured burger that can only be eaten on the Burger Thursdays., and you all are in a treat for the October specials! They created a new burger and brought back one of the phenomenal burgers from Sacramento burger month.  I had the privilege of previewing the upcoming burgers and will tell you all about them!

First two Thursdays of October (Oct. 7 & 14)- The Buffalo Crunch Burger

Buffalo Crunch Burger

The Buffalo Crunch burger actually didn’t have a name when I got to sink my teeth into this monster burger but one of my dining companions Donelle (@dobrien917) thought of the great name. Now this is a monster of a burger so make sure to ask for extra napkins when  you order it (and you should order it!). It comes on the de Vere’s signature pretzel bun that makes all their burgers taste great. I like this pretzel bun because it is not as dense as other pretzel buns I have had but it holds its form and doesn’t just fall apart as you eat your burger like other places.

Buffalo Crunch Burger uncapped

This burger comes with bleu cheese, a bleu cheese “dressing”/sauce, the meat is covered/smothered in a house made buffalo style sauce with house made potato crisps (really crunchy potato chips) and lettuce and tomato.  Just look at that sauce dripping down from that really good-sized burger intertwined with the melty cheese (I’m hungry now!). This was a sample of the burger so I didn’t get to ask for my burger cooked the way I like, but I would have liked my burger just a bit more pink on the inside (they usually ask when you order so this was a fluke here). Check out the chef describing the burger himself:

I told you they didn’t have a name for the burger yet but we helped them out. As I said before this burger is quite large and will require a little work before you start digging into this bad boy. First take out the toothpick, then put your hand firmly on top of that pretzel bun and then use some force and press down on that burger. You should be hearing some loud crunching and if you’re not use more force (come on Luke use the force)! Your burger might look similar to this:

Buffalo Crunch squished

I will admit I thought they were a little crazy when I saw the burger and all the buffalo sauce. I though what did I get myself into? Buffalo chicken, why of course but on a burger I wasn’t so sure and I thought the spiciness of the sauce might turn off a lot of people. I’m telling you the sauce has a great tanginess with very slight heat. If you are afraid of spicy items don’t be afraid of this burger, plus the cheese counters the spiciness some as well. When I first bit into the burger my taste buds immediately when to the creamy bleu cheese flavor. I was surprised I though it would be dominated by buffalo sauce. As I am working my head around the cheese the meat and buffalo sauce flavor come into my mouth. I was truly surprised how these flavors melded so well into this burger. Now the best part of the burger (in my opinion) are the potato crisps. I remember as a kid putting potato chips on my sandwiches and this is fun too. The crisps are not your bagged store-bought chips. These are extra-crispy house made crisps. These are so crunchy that our friend sitting at the next table over could hear the crunch as we bit down into the burgers.

This burger is so tasty and so much fun. I wish today was Thursday so I could go back and get myself another one. Remember this is only available for the next two Thursdays at de Vere’s for their Burger Thursday specials!


Second two Thursdays of October (Oct 20 & 27)- Prime Rib Burger (AKA The Bad MoFo)

Prime Rib Burger (traditional bun)

The pic of the burger was the first iteration of the burger with a traditional bun. I happened to be there the first day of the release of the burger with my friend Autumn (@bmprstkr76) and we were attempting to eat the burger and that bun just could not hold up to the meat and sauce. Right then and there Henry (@henrydevere) decided to make the change to the pretzel bun and it was in excellent change.

Prime Rib Burger with pretzel bun

When most people think or hear about a prime rib burger most think a burger made from the prime rib cut of meat. That sounds delicious and all but not at de Vere’s. For this burger you get a nice juicy burger with carmelized onions and melted manchango cheese with horseradish mayo, then to put it over the top and make it a prime rib burger they top that burger with slices of prime rib and serve it with Au Jus. This is not just  a couple of slices of prime rib but the equivalent of another burger on top of the good-sized burger. I think they have mad geniuses in the kitchen thinking of these flavor profiles.

The taste is great, I mean burger, cheese, carmelized onions, prime rib, mayo, pretzel bun do you see anything wrong with that list. My small complaints that can be easily fixed, with the size of the burger and prime rib, the horseradish mayo was a little weak. I was told they added more horseradish in later batches but mine was weak and hard to find on my burger. My suggestion is to request an extra side of the mayo with your burger (I always ask for more horseradish when I order prime rib too) that way you can add more to  your burger. The Au Jus was a little watered down for me, I’m not sure if there wasn’t a lot of spices on the outside of the prime rib when they roasted it or they didn’t add any salt to the sauce but it needed more depth. I just added a little salt to my Au Jus and it was better.

The burger itself with the prime rib was excellent. I bit down and got a little smoky goodness from the carmelized onions then the rich prime rib and then juicy burger. Really really great, plus dipping this big burger into the Au Jus really made it juicy and flavorful. I first tried the traditional bun and it fell apart each time I dipped the burger but with the pretzel bun I had no problems and you shouldn’t either as they will be serving this burger with the pretzel bun.

Remember you can only get this the last two Thursdays of October for the Burger Thursday specials.

Go check out de Vere’s Irish Pub Burger Thursdays and let me know what you think."

de Vere’s Irish Pub 1521 L Street Sacramento, CA 95816


Hi there! My name is Jeremy and I am a dad, corporate/leadership trainer, and social media enthusiast that lives in Sacramento, CA. I enjoy partaking in the various great places and eats of Sacramento. I hope to create a space that will be useful to you as I go through my adventures through Sacramento and my various travels.

I also am an Angry Birds enthusiast and video walk-through creator and you can view my Angry Birds videos at

Make sure to follow me on twitter: @roundabtsactown and/or @hathman

Burger Thursday's at de Vere's Irish Pub


What Is Burger Thursday's?

Our hamburger specials have been notoriously good in the past, so we decided to give them a bigger spotlight: Starting this week, we're teaming up with Burger Junkies to host Burger Thursdays at de Vere's Irish Pub. Each Thursday, we'll feature an over-the-top, crazy delicious burger special, available for that day only. Trust us, you won't want to miss these culinary creations! (But if you must, don't fret...we'll be serving the same burger two Thursdays in a row to ensure everyone can sink their teeth into each option.) The first burger will be served on Thursday October 6 at 11am!

 Tell Us Your Favorite Burger!

We Love hearing how much you love our burgers and what burgers you would like us to make. So please tell us about it, post a comment or a picture to our Facebook wall and your photos might be showcased on our website, or your burger could be featured on an upcoming Thursday!

Burger Thursday's Favorite Burger ContestTell Us Your Favorite Burger!

Check Back for our Next Contest starting soon!



Meet The Burger Referee


Now Hiring: Head Chef for de Vere's Irish Pub

The de Vere's Irish Pub family is about to grow by one more. We're on the hunt for a motivated and talented Head Chef to join our team in anticipation of our upcoming Davis location, opening next month. This is truly an exceptional kitchen experience...we curate all our own meats, stuff all of our sausage, bake our own bread, and more. Basically we make everything from scratch, so this position will have endless opportunities to show off their skills! Please help us spread the word--we want to find the perfect fit! Read the posting below for more details.

Applicants can submit their application (download it here) with resume Monday - Friday between 10am & 11am or 2pm & 4pm to the Sacramento location at 1521 L Street.

The Head Chef will be responsible for the operation of the kitchen, including: product quality, kitchen appearance & cleanliness, financial results, BOH personnel hiring, training and management, facilities maintenance, safety, special events/promotions. They maintain food quality standards and a safe and sanitary kitchen environment for all employees. Other duties include menu/specials planning, inventory, preparation and maintenance of food and labor costs, new hire orientation, employee evaluations and ongoing food-related training of kitchen and service staff. Collaborates with General Manager to hire and develop a well-trained cohesive BOH team of talented, dedicated employees. Actively participates in management meetings and works cooperatively with office staff. Interacts with the local community to drive sales and increase awareness of the store. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE, QUALIFICATIONS & ATTITUDE: •5 years kitchen management experience, preferably in a high volume ($2+ million), upscale dining environment; minimum 2 years prior Chef experience •Outstanding culinary skills, culinary training desirable •Food safety certification required •Excellent planning and organizational skills •Understands restaurant accounting principles and has good math skills •Computer literate (MS Excel, Word and Micros POS) •Knowledgeable of California and Federal employment laws •Sophisticated, service oriented management style •Solid communication skills (i.e. listening, speaking, writing & reading) •Self directed, effective problem solver •Trustworthy, reliable; exercises good judgment and is calm under pressure •Friendly, professional and tirelessly polite towards guests •Accessible, consistent, fair, impartial and helpful to managers and staff

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Chefs must be able to communicate clearly and effectively to BOH and FOH employees and guests. Must be physically mobile and capable of standing and/or sustaining a quick pace for periods of up to four or more hours in duration, as well as have the ability to lift 10 pounds frequently and up to 50 pounds occasionally. Good vision, with or without prescription eyewear, and sense of smell are also requirements. Minimum 50 hour weeks: day, night and weekend shifts, as necessary. Wardrobe must be appropriate to restaurant. Must have a vehicle to occasionally pick up supplies. Skills/Qualifications: •People Management, Planning, Foster Teamwork, Giving Feedback, Customer Service, Developing Budgets, Self-Motivated, Energy Level, Multi-tasking, Resolving Conflict, Verbal Communication


Join us for Guinness Arthur's Day 2011, September 22nd!

Here's something to celebrate: the birthday of Guinness originator Arthur Guinness (September 22nd), also known as Guinness Arthur's Day. Established in 2009 during the 250-year anniversary, Arthur's Day commemorates the life and legacy of the innovator (he signed a 9,000-year lease!) and the now-legendary Guinness beer, which Arthur brought to the world in 1759. Hence, there will be a worldwide toast to Arthur at 17:59. Arthur Guinness Day, this Thursday, brings people together in their local pubs, their cities and around the globe to share and toast the black stuff together. Come celebrate at the's what's on tap for the evening of September 22:

  • A pub-wide Guinness toast at 5:59pm
  • Guinness Girls from 5-7pm
  •  $1 off Guinness pints
  • Guinness gifts and prizes

More about Arthur from Wikipedia:

Arthur Guinness (1725 – 23 January 1803) was an Irish brewer and the founder of the Guinness brewery business and family.

Arthur Guinness was the founder of the Guinness brewery business, an entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist. Guinness laid the foundations for Guinness Brewery. At 27, in 1752, Guinness's godfather Arthur Price, the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Cashel, bequeathed him £100 in his will. Guinness invested the money and in 1755 had a brewery at Leixlip, just 17 km from Dublin. In 1759, Guinness went to the city and set up his own business. He took a 9,000 year lease on the 4-acre (16,000 m2) brewery at St. James's Gate from Mark Rainsford for an annual rent of £45.

72 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

Happy Friday! We want to make sure you're fully prepared for the weekend, so here's some viewing material to make sure your cold ones are popped open without any problems. Watch these videos and learn how to open a beer in a not-so-ordinary ways. Cheers!  

de Vere's Brunch is now spelled P.I.M.P

That's right we just pimped out or Sunday Brunch

de Vere's Davis Makes Sacramento Magazine

Check out the latest story on our upcoming pub in Davis! Thanks to Sacramento Magazine for the great press. Be sure to grab the August issue for more great local food coverage. (Click image for later view.)



Last But Not Least: August's Urban "Lighter Side of Ireland" Menu

August is here, and so is the final installment of our "Lighter Side of Ireland" menu series. This month's Urban Menu showcases the modern food movement currently happening in Ireland. Pulling inspiration from both June's Seaside Menu and July's Farm House Menu, this lineup is bursting with big (but not overly filling) flavors. As always, offerings change every week--and are made entirely in-house--so come in soon to get a taste of these limited-edition dishes!

Forget Bottomless Mimosas...We Serve Bottomless Bottles!

Why order mimosas a la carte when you can keep refilling your glass yourself--with as much bubbly as you want? If you haven't noticed (or already abused) our bottomless bottle service, let us tell you: It's the best brunch-drinking deal in town. For just $10, you get unlimited bottles of champagne, plus carafes of OJ and cranberry juice. When you run out, just request another! It's perfect for groups, and pairs perfectly with both sweet and savory brunch foods. Come in, order your bottomless bottle service, and stay a while!


New Food Photography Slideshow: Pick Your Favorites!

We need your help! Give us your opinion...which of these pics makes your mouth water the most? Head to our Facebook album and "Like" the pics you want to see on our new website.

It's Here: July's Lighter Side of Ireland Menu

Last month, we kicked off our first-ever "Lighter Side of Ireland" food series with the refreshing Seaside Menu. This month, we're getting rustic with a Farmhouse Menu, which debuted this week. Flavorful cuts of meat...crisp vegetables...fresh-picked, juicy fruits. Are you hungry yet? Even more mouthwatering is the fact that our prolific chefs (it's unreal how many unique dishes they dream up every month) have sourced the most satisfying ingredients from local growers.

Speaking of local, don't forget you can get a bottle of  wine at half price when you order two entrees, Monday through Thursday.  For more information check out our Weekday Wine & Dine promotion.

Check out the Farmhouse Menu below for the most updated lineup.

Join de Vere's for "Cocktails for a Cause"!

Cocktails for a Cause,

the entire month of July!

“Cocktails for a Cause” generates funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters with 11 of Sacramento's finest restaurants contributing proceeds from a special cocktail throughout the entire month of July

Big Brothers Big Sisters has partnered with eleven celebrated Sacramento restaurants for “Cocktails for a Cause” in July. These eateries are lending their best mixologists to create refreshing, innovative cocktails to generate funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento throughout the entire month of July.

Beginning Friday, July 1st and continuing throughout the entire month, DeVere’s Irish Pub, District 30, Dive Bar, Ella Dining Room and Bar, Grange, L Wine Lounge, Lounge on 20, Mulvaney’s, Pizza Rock, Red Lotus and Zocalo will be serving a delicious cocktail, aptly named the "Big Brother/Big Sister" or something similar. Every one of these elevenSacramento hot spots will contribute proceeds from the cocktails to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento.

Look out for the Grange’s fresh “Big Brother/Big Sister” - Stolichnaya vodka, blueberry lemon verbena syrup, lemon, and soda, served tall with lemon verbena and blue berries on top. Or, try Red Lotus’s rejuvenating “Big Brother Big Sister” - Absolut wild tea vodka, lavender spiced bitters, muddled blue berries, fresh lemon juice, rosemary simple syrup and topped with sparkling wine.  Maybe Ella’s “Big Sister” will quench your thirst – Dolin dry vermouth, simple syrup, lemon juice, Gvori vodka, cranberry juice, creme de cassis and proseco!

This exciting full month promotion of charity cocktails - "Cocktails for a Cause"- will generate awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and celebrate the spirit of giving that these eleven restaurants have embraced. This is the second installment of the Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership with area eateries. Eat and drink up!

Participatiing Restaurants:

DeVere's Irish Pub

District 30

Dive Bar

Ella Dining Room and Bar


L Wine Lounge

Loung on 20


Pizza Rock

Red Lotus


Rhonda Staley-Brooks or Lia Benvenuti
Big Brothers Big Sisters