Whiskey from Utah? High West Here We Come

High West Rendezvous

" Rendezvous Rye is a blend of a 6 year old with 95% rye, and a 17 year-old that's 80% Rye. This would put it at one of the highest rye contents on the market, possible second only to Old Potrero's 100% (which if you ask me, is just a bit much).

The Rendezvous Rye exhibits a maturity and sophistication I have never encountered in a Rye. It's age is certainly a factor in this, but it was obviously crafted with love and care. On the nose it is light and sweet, with only a hint of spice. The body starts with honey and jammy fruits, with herb notes, leading into an intense and lingering rye spice finish."

High West 16yr

Rye is back in style in a big way. And High West Distillery from Park City, Utah, is at the forefront of the resurgence, making small batch, hand-crafter spirits like this one. The 16 year is one of the most intensly "ryed" whiskies you will ever taste, with a mash bill of 80% rye, 10% corn and 10% barley. Like all High West whiskies, the 16 year old is not chill-filtered, which results in a spicy, and deliciously rich flavor profile that lingers long on the finish.  Please note a slight hint of Coyote Mint.

High West 21yr

The 21 year old was aged in used oak barrels, which is very unusual for rye (almost all American-made whiskies are aged exclusively in new oak). Rather than the intense vanilla flavors imparted by new wood, the Rocky Mountain Rye showcases the peppery spiciness that distinguishes rye from corn or barley mash whiskies. With over 20 years in the barrel, the spirit is very delicious and very complex.




You can try this Whiskey at  de Vere’s Pub in downtown Sacramento.

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