Whiskey Society Night With The Boys From Kentucky!

By: Jack Mootz > de Vere's Irish Pub:
Whiskey Society Tuesday, March 30,2010 What a night we had tonight. We had guests from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers: http://www.kentuckybourbonwhiskey.com/ Hunter Chavanne, from marketing, gave a seminar on Bourbon, focusing on “Small Batch.” What’s a Bourbon: All Bourbons are Whiskey, but not all Whiskies are Bourbon. To be called Bourbon, the following criteria must be met: (1) The primary ingredient must be corn (at least 51%);(2) Must be distilled at no greater than 160 Proof;(3) Only new, charred, white oak barrels should be used for aging;(4) Be aged at least two years to be called a straight bourbon whiskey;(5) The spirit must go into the barrel at no more than 125 Proof;(6) Only water can be added to adjust the Bourbon to the appropriate bottling strength...nothing else. Our flights served by the wonderful and beautiful Melissa: Vintage Bourbon 17yr old 94 proof: Jack: Light aroma fruit smell. Real bite spicy Jim.: Vanilla smell. Bite clove buttery Tom: Just drinking em. Vanilla Ralph: Smooth vanilla sweet. Has a bite smokey after taste Johnny Drum Private Stock 101 proof Jack: More smell but similar. Smooth taste dry quinine aftertaste Jim: Less fragrant fruity Tom: Just drinking Ralph: Similar to vintage less forceful smell. Bitter taste Medicine aftertaste Pure Kentucky XO 107 Proof At this point, the lecture started. Ralph did get out that it had a Herbal taste with no vanilla. After the lecture, we were served a sample of: Willet 6 yr old: Lots of bite 8 yr old: Oh this is good; flavorful, smooth, our favorite 16 yr old: OMG, this just toppled the 8yr old. This is like drinking heaven