Tips & Tricks for de Vere's Vegetarians

So you’ve heard rave reviews for de Vere’s homemade bangers and mash, our famous burgers, and our out-of-this-world Reuben. Only problem is, maybe you aren’t a carnivore. Luckily, de Vere’s has got you covered! Not only do we offer a number of meatless options, but we also offer opportunities for you to customize our menu items to make them more vegetarian friendly! Here are a few of our favorite vegetarian dishes and creative combos:

Idea #1: Bulk up our Green Street Caesar Salad with some add-ons! Order this classic salad, but mix it up by customizing it with some fresh avocado slices! Pescetarian? We recommend adding the smoked salmon.

Idea #2: Adds some greens to your Mac and Cheese! Everyone loves this classic comfort pasta, but why not make it a little healthier and veg friendly by sneaking some peas in there? The de Vere’s staff recommends the complimentary combo of peas and red onion.

Idea #3: Ask for your This n’ That plate to come meat-free! This n’ That, as seen on the menu, comes with assorted cheeses, cured meat, and fruit, and is served with de Vere’s (famous and delicious!) Irish Brown Bread. We’d be happy to accommodate our vegetarian customers by subbing out the cured meat! Tip: This dish pairs especially nicely with a nice pint of beer. 

Idea #4: Take advantage of our delicious meat-free happy hour items! Deep-fried pickles are a unique and tasty addition to our happy hour menu, and our country crisps are always Veg friendly—and a total steal at only $3-$4! Idea

#5: Green-ify your Irish American Grilled Cheese! This one is simple: add some avocado to this American classic, because what goes better with gooey cheese than a perfectly ripe avocado?