The Kennelly Irish Dance Company To Perform

The Kennelly Irish Dance Company is performing during the St. Patrick's Day Block Party at de Vere's.
The Kennelly Irish Dance Company is a talented and dynamic troupe that offers outstanding performances in both traditional and modern styles of step dancing and figure arrangements. Thedancers put on a powerful show.
The Kennelly Dance Company is directed by Patricia Kennelly, world-renowned Irish dance teacher, choreographer and musician. The group holds titles from competitions across the United States, Canada and Ireland — with dancers placing first and second in the 2002 North American National competition, and first in the 2002 Great Britain championships — and has made guest appearances with many well-known musical groups, including Cherish the Ladies, De Danann, Arcady, the Black Family and the Grammy-award winning Chieftains.
Tickets for the block party are $20 and are available in advance at de Vere's pub on 16th & L streets.