Spotlight: de Vere's Craft Beer Program

19740_1332869039132_7204357_nMeet Jayme Hansen, the man behind de Vere's craft beer program. He's in charge of selecting and acquiring the amazing and unique brews we have rotating on tap in the back bar. He also knows a LOT about beer. Here, Jayme reveals his favorite craft beers, how his passion started, and more. Drink up the knowledge!
-When you're selecting craft beers, what do you look for?
There are many factors including the seasons, availability, and how approachable they are.  Sometimes they're obscure, sometimes they're from around the corner. The most important part is being able to talk about it, and get people excited to try things you've never had before.
-What was the inspiration for starting the craft beer program at the pub?
It was simple: We wanted to further our ability to share our passion for great ales and lagers.
-Where are the craft beer taps located, and how many do you have going at a time?
The bulk of the taps are at the back bar underneath our whiskey wall.  We have six rotating handles back there and five on our main tap system.
-What are some of your favorite craft beer events that you've helped put on at the pub? 
Last year we got a special keg of Firestone Walker's Anniversary Ale and Chef prepared a Foie Gras Burger to accompany the beer.  THAT was amazing.
-What craft beer events are you looking forward to?
We are working on some bourbon and beer pairings for National Bourbon Month in September.
craft beer board-How did you get into beer and where does your passion for beer come from?
Once I started waiting tables, I quickly learned I would need to know what I was talking about, whether it be food or drink. So I started taking home a different 22oz or 6 pack every day after work. Slowly but surely I knew BevMo's inventory as well as the employees. I started homebrewing beer shortly after that, and it's been a going strong ever since. It has turned into one of those things I cannot stop learning about.
-What are some of your all-time favorite beers?
Allagash - Curieux, it's a Belgian style Tripel aged in Jim Beam Barrels. Every time I have it I am amazed.
-What are your favorite craft beers for summertime consumption?
Always an evolving answer, but currently I would say Firestone Walker Pivo Pils, Anderson Valley Cerveza Crema, and almost any Mexican Lager.
-What are your top 3 favorite places for craft beer in Sacramento?
Pangaea, The Shack, and believe it or not Tower Liquor on Broadway, they get crazy good stuff under the radar!