A Pint-Filled Proposal at de Vere's!

We've seen a lot happen at our pub, but this is a first. Last week, we were actually the site for a wedding proposal! We caught up with Josh, the groom to be, to get the back story on his engagement to Carole, his girlfriend of almost three years. Here's how it all went down...

"Carole and my adventure started March 21st, 2009. I was in Sacramento visiting family while I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA. Carole was in town from her graduate program at Portland State University. We (my brothers) wanted to go to this new Irish pub downtown that just opened up. While we were there my oldest brother knew a girl in Carole’s party from a local sports camp here and so both groups joined up into one large party for the rest of the night.

"The reason why I wanted to propose at de Vere’s was that it was where we met. I wanted to make it special and I felt that it was just right to do it there. I tried to think of other places too but none of them could compare with the place we met. I really wanted to use the pint glasses for a few reasons. Carole really wanted to have a few of the de Vere’s pint glasses for the whole sentimental aspect of that was where we met and also I felt so nervous about actually getting the words out that it would be a little easier for me to ask her with the help of a inanimate object.
"I should also state that I chose the date Feb 18th because her birthday is the 21st. So I was able to set this all up with the ruse that we were celebrating her birthday. My plan was to have the glasses hidden from her until all of my brothers were there and each one would have a glass with the words “Will You Marry Me?” printed on them. On my cue, each brother in the right order would put the glass down in front of her where she could read it. After all were set I would present her with the last glass saying “me?” and be holding her ring waiting for her answer. But in true brotherly fashion things got a little confused. We held a quick birthday toast and then the glasses were supposed to be placed in front of her but my brother with the glass “Will” yelled out “Carole! Will,” which took all of us by surprise. The next brother was so confused that easily 15-20 seconds passed before he showed her “You.” The next brother placed the glass “Marry” in front of her then I rotated mine—“Me?”. I pulled the ring out of my pocket and she stared at me for a few more seconds before yelling “Umm, YES!” While I must admit it really didn’t go as I may have planned, the last minute change worked out fantastically.
"Still, this wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome help from Henry, Jamie, Lauren and the rest of the de Vere’s staff."

Congratulations and CHEERS to Josh and Carole! We're so honored to have been a part of your special day...and look forward to hosting you for engagement photos!