Sacramento Magazine Best Dishes: de Vere's Bourbon Burger


Our Bourbon Burger was named one of Sacramento Magazine's top 30 dishes! Come in an experience the masterpiece...

"This meaty treasure sounds boozy, but it's not. Messy and spectacularly flavorful, the burger is composed of a first-rate, house-ground chuck patty laid on a chewy-fluffy bun. Smothered in melted smoked cheddar cheese, the dish is lavished with a spicy bourbon-bacon barbecue sauce and finished off with lettuce, a couple of juicy tomato slices and--the piece de resistance--sweet, crusty fried onions. Be prepared to do a lot of finger licking as you work your way through this fabulous burger, and enjoy it with one of de Vere's fresh draught beers."




de Vere's Irish Pub Featured on App Addictive Blog!

Fun news on the tech front: de Vere's Irish Pub was featured on App Addictive's blog, as this week's AA Customer Spotlight!

We use this app to help manage content we promote on our social media pages, so they wanted to know how, specifically, AA works well for us.

Check out the Q&A they did with Henry de Vere White HERE.