Davis Photo Contest!

Give us your best shot! Now through December 17th, we're doing a photo contest to give Davis pub fans the chance to win a BIG holiday gift basket!

1. Join us for lunch
2. Take a photo of your lunch or of your friends at de Vere's Pub Davis
3. Post your photo to our wall to enter to win the Holiday Gift Basket

Gift Basket to include:
-2 Ski Lift Tickets
-2 de Vere's Glasses
-$25 Gift Card to de Vere's
-Aggies winter Cap
-Aggies winter Scarf
-Deck of official Aggie Cards

P.S. Don't forget to check in at lunch Monday-Friday on Facebook, Yelp, or Foursquare and get 15% OFF LUNCH!

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de Vere's Twitter Fan Photos

We LOVE when you tweet pics of your favorite things at de Vere's. Here's a roundup of our favorite Twitter fan photos, taken by you so far this summer. Keep the pics coming! (And if you're not already following @deverespub and @deveresdavis, make sure you fix that, stat!)

Taken by @scribbykitty in Sacramento

Taken by @ryneches in Davis



Taken by @dolphyngyrl in Sacramento

Taken by @mschick74 in Sacramento