pete scully

Local Artist Pete Scully Sketches de Vere's Davis

Prepare to be impressed! This week, local artist Pete Scully, unveiled a true work of art--this sketch of the bar at de Vere's Irish Pub in Davis. The style, detail and precision is truly amazing that we had to share it on our blog to make sure as many people see it as possible.


A note from the artist...

"A couple of weeks ago a new pub opened in downtown Davis, De Vere’s. I had to go by and check it out – and do some sketching. It was very busy! But I saw as soon as I walked in, a chair at the bar all by itself, right in the middle, so I parked, ordered a Sudwerk Aggie lager (quite nice) and got sketching. I was doing a long panorama of the bar, an unusual one for me, so I started right in the middle (the pint glass was the first thing I drew), and worked outwards, a little bit left, a little bit right, all the while squeezed in the throng about me. I didn’t draw the barstaff – they moved too quickly, and were kept busy by the punters. It’s an interesting pub, very big, brand new but with a proper ‘pub’ feel, not just a bar – it felt like something back home, and I missed my old London mates. I finished up my drawing (it took two and a half beers, if you’re interested, and mine’s a pint, if you’re buying), decided against adding colour, and went home. I went back last week with my wife, and we tried their chips with gravy and cheese and I must say it was bloody amazing. With chips and gravy as an incentive, I think I may go and sketch there again from time to time."

We're happy to be a place of inspiration, Pete! Thanks for coming in...come back and sketch anytime.

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