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Burger Thursday's: Sacramento's Best Burgers

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"First and foremost de Vere’s Irish Pub is one of the best places to go and eat, drink, watch a game, or just hangout. It is centrally located and a great atmosphere. On top of that the people there are great and the de Vere family are truly an asset to our community. Check out the area on St. Patrick’s Day and tell me they don’t know how to go big! I have been many times to de Vere’s and love the feel and the food every time, but my full review will come soon in another post with lots of pictures.

I did find out about their upcoming Burger Thursday specials. A few months ago de Vere’s and Burger Junkies (@burgerjunkies) put on Sacramento Burger Month and de Vere’s had a new unique burger each week of the month and it went over well. They do an excellent job with each burger creation they come up with and bringing back the concept sounded like a great idea. So what I was told is that each Thursday for two weeks at a time there will be a special featured burger that can only be eaten on the Burger Thursdays., and you all are in a treat for the October specials! They created a new burger and brought back one of the phenomenal burgers from Sacramento burger month.  I had the privilege of previewing the upcoming burgers and will tell you all about them!

First two Thursdays of October (Oct. 7 & 14)- The Buffalo Crunch Burger

Buffalo Crunch Burger

The Buffalo Crunch burger actually didn’t have a name when I got to sink my teeth into this monster burger but one of my dining companions Donelle (@dobrien917) thought of the great name. Now this is a monster of a burger so make sure to ask for extra napkins when  you order it (and you should order it!). It comes on the de Vere’s signature pretzel bun that makes all their burgers taste great. I like this pretzel bun because it is not as dense as other pretzel buns I have had but it holds its form and doesn’t just fall apart as you eat your burger like other places.

Buffalo Crunch Burger uncapped

This burger comes with bleu cheese, a bleu cheese “dressing”/sauce, the meat is covered/smothered in a house made buffalo style sauce with house made potato crisps (really crunchy potato chips) and lettuce and tomato.  Just look at that sauce dripping down from that really good-sized burger intertwined with the melty cheese (I’m hungry now!). This was a sample of the burger so I didn’t get to ask for my burger cooked the way I like, but I would have liked my burger just a bit more pink on the inside (they usually ask when you order so this was a fluke here). Check out the chef describing the burger himself:

I told you they didn’t have a name for the burger yet but we helped them out. As I said before this burger is quite large and will require a little work before you start digging into this bad boy. First take out the toothpick, then put your hand firmly on top of that pretzel bun and then use some force and press down on that burger. You should be hearing some loud crunching and if you’re not use more force (come on Luke use the force)! Your burger might look similar to this:

Buffalo Crunch squished

I will admit I thought they were a little crazy when I saw the burger and all the buffalo sauce. I though what did I get myself into? Buffalo chicken, why of course but on a burger I wasn’t so sure and I thought the spiciness of the sauce might turn off a lot of people. I’m telling you the sauce has a great tanginess with very slight heat. If you are afraid of spicy items don’t be afraid of this burger, plus the cheese counters the spiciness some as well. When I first bit into the burger my taste buds immediately when to the creamy bleu cheese flavor. I was surprised I though it would be dominated by buffalo sauce. As I am working my head around the cheese the meat and buffalo sauce flavor come into my mouth. I was truly surprised how these flavors melded so well into this burger. Now the best part of the burger (in my opinion) are the potato crisps. I remember as a kid putting potato chips on my sandwiches and this is fun too. The crisps are not your bagged store-bought chips. These are extra-crispy house made crisps. These are so crunchy that our friend sitting at the next table over could hear the crunch as we bit down into the burgers.

This burger is so tasty and so much fun. I wish today was Thursday so I could go back and get myself another one. Remember this is only available for the next two Thursdays at de Vere’s for their Burger Thursday specials!


Second two Thursdays of October (Oct 20 & 27)- Prime Rib Burger (AKA The Bad MoFo)

Prime Rib Burger (traditional bun)

The pic of the burger was the first iteration of the burger with a traditional bun. I happened to be there the first day of the release of the burger with my friend Autumn (@bmprstkr76) and we were attempting to eat the burger and that bun just could not hold up to the meat and sauce. Right then and there Henry (@henrydevere) decided to make the change to the pretzel bun and it was in excellent change.

Prime Rib Burger with pretzel bun

When most people think or hear about a prime rib burger most think a burger made from the prime rib cut of meat. That sounds delicious and all but not at de Vere’s. For this burger you get a nice juicy burger with carmelized onions and melted manchango cheese with horseradish mayo, then to put it over the top and make it a prime rib burger they top that burger with slices of prime rib and serve it with Au Jus. This is not just  a couple of slices of prime rib but the equivalent of another burger on top of the good-sized burger. I think they have mad geniuses in the kitchen thinking of these flavor profiles.

The taste is great, I mean burger, cheese, carmelized onions, prime rib, mayo, pretzel bun do you see anything wrong with that list. My small complaints that can be easily fixed, with the size of the burger and prime rib, the horseradish mayo was a little weak. I was told they added more horseradish in later batches but mine was weak and hard to find on my burger. My suggestion is to request an extra side of the mayo with your burger (I always ask for more horseradish when I order prime rib too) that way you can add more to  your burger. The Au Jus was a little watered down for me, I’m not sure if there wasn’t a lot of spices on the outside of the prime rib when they roasted it or they didn’t add any salt to the sauce but it needed more depth. I just added a little salt to my Au Jus and it was better.

The burger itself with the prime rib was excellent. I bit down and got a little smoky goodness from the carmelized onions then the rich prime rib and then juicy burger. Really really great, plus dipping this big burger into the Au Jus really made it juicy and flavorful. I first tried the traditional bun and it fell apart each time I dipped the burger but with the pretzel bun I had no problems and you shouldn’t either as they will be serving this burger with the pretzel bun.

Remember you can only get this the last two Thursdays of October for the Burger Thursday specials.

Go check out de Vere’s Irish Pub Burger Thursdays and let me know what you think."

de Vere’s Irish Pub 1521 L Street Sacramento, CA 95816


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