de Vere's Irish Pub iPhone app

All About de Vere's Updated iPhone App!

Great news for all you iPhone lovers...we just updated our iPhone app! Our new-and-improved app provides an enhanced pub experience through interactivity, personalization, multimedia, and convenience. Whether you’re looking for our most current menu, wanting to know what craft beers are currently in rotation, or trying to snag a good deal, de Vere’s Pub’s app will show you what’s “on tap,” with just a tap. 

Download the app HERE!

P.S. Have a Droid? Let us know so we can get working on an app for you!

Current app features include:

  1. Ability to rate our food items and recommend them to other app users
  2. Whiskey notes for all our whiskeys
  3. Ability to rate all of the whiskeys in our library and take personal notes on them
  4. Tasting notes on all draught beers, including all past and present craft beers
  5. Notifications on when we tap special hard-to-get kegs
  6. Basic beer terms and definitions
  7. Links to all our social media sites
  8. Hours of operation and directions
  9. Educational videos about whiskey, beer, and all things Irish
  10. Exclusive app-only discounts
  11. Complete Whiskey Society tasting schedule
  12. Featured products
  13. Annual and weekly event information
  14. More features to come!