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Insider Brunch Ideas from de Vere's Staffers

We asked the de Vere's staffers to give us the "dish" on what they order for brunch--and came across some great off-menu options. Feel free to steal their ideas to make your brunch experience even more delicious.


IDEA #1: Turn our B.L.T. into a breakfast sando!

Order the B.L.T...add an egg, scrambled or fried. Sub the country crisps for our breakfast potatoes.


IDEA #2: Create a Bogman Sandwich!

Order a grilled cheese, add black and white puddings, egg, and Irish bacon. Amazingness!


IDEA #3: Say goodmorning with a grilled cheese!

Order a Grilled Cheese sandwich...add bacon and eggs! Again, swap the country crisps for our breakfast potatoes.

Crispy Bread Pudding: Believe the Hype!

Our burgers are always popular, our Irish Coffees are "Almost Famous," and our fish and chips are legendary. But have you tried our Crispy Bread Pudding? It's unbelievable. And here are the pics to prove it. If these images don't make your mouth water, then something is wrong with your sweet tooth!


Served with vanilla ice cream and Jameson caramel sauce

Shepherds Pie vs. Cottage Pie vs. de Vere's Granny's Shepherds Pie

We've been asked a lot lately about our Granny's Shepherds Pie. What is it? Why is it made with beef instead of lamb? What's the difference between shepherds pie and cottage pie?

Traditional shepherds pie is a meat pie made with ground lamb or mutton (hence "shepherds") with a mashed potato  crust. Cottage pie is the same thing, but made with ground beef. Since we grew up eating the BEST shepherds pie (made by our granny, of course), we serve it like she does. Our Granny's Shepherds Pie is made with ground beef and vegetables, topped with a rich gravy and mashed potatoes, and then baked until golden brown. We also serve it with your choice of a side soup or salad.  If you want the full family experience be sure to ask for it with a fried egg on top!  Trust us, it is out of control and a secret of our mothers.

Pair it with a 20-ounce pint of Guinness, and you have the perfect meal for fall.

Burger Thursday's: Sacramento's Best Burgers

FEATURED BLOG:  Round About Sac Town

"First and foremost de Vere’s Irish Pub is one of the best places to go and eat, drink, watch a game, or just hangout. It is centrally located and a great atmosphere. On top of that the people there are great and the de Vere family are truly an asset to our community. Check out the area on St. Patrick’s Day and tell me they don’t know how to go big! I have been many times to de Vere’s and love the feel and the food every time, but my full review will come soon in another post with lots of pictures.

I did find out about their upcoming Burger Thursday specials. A few months ago de Vere’s and Burger Junkies (@burgerjunkies) put on Sacramento Burger Month and de Vere’s had a new unique burger each week of the month and it went over well. They do an excellent job with each burger creation they come up with and bringing back the concept sounded like a great idea. So what I was told is that each Thursday for two weeks at a time there will be a special featured burger that can only be eaten on the Burger Thursdays., and you all are in a treat for the October specials! They created a new burger and brought back one of the phenomenal burgers from Sacramento burger month.  I had the privilege of previewing the upcoming burgers and will tell you all about them!

First two Thursdays of October (Oct. 7 & 14)- The Buffalo Crunch Burger

Buffalo Crunch Burger

The Buffalo Crunch burger actually didn’t have a name when I got to sink my teeth into this monster burger but one of my dining companions Donelle (@dobrien917) thought of the great name. Now this is a monster of a burger so make sure to ask for extra napkins when  you order it (and you should order it!). It comes on the de Vere’s signature pretzel bun that makes all their burgers taste great. I like this pretzel bun because it is not as dense as other pretzel buns I have had but it holds its form and doesn’t just fall apart as you eat your burger like other places.

Buffalo Crunch Burger uncapped

This burger comes with bleu cheese, a bleu cheese “dressing”/sauce, the meat is covered/smothered in a house made buffalo style sauce with house made potato crisps (really crunchy potato chips) and lettuce and tomato.  Just look at that sauce dripping down from that really good-sized burger intertwined with the melty cheese (I’m hungry now!). This was a sample of the burger so I didn’t get to ask for my burger cooked the way I like, but I would have liked my burger just a bit more pink on the inside (they usually ask when you order so this was a fluke here). Check out the chef describing the burger himself:

I told you they didn’t have a name for the burger yet but we helped them out. As I said before this burger is quite large and will require a little work before you start digging into this bad boy. First take out the toothpick, then put your hand firmly on top of that pretzel bun and then use some force and press down on that burger. You should be hearing some loud crunching and if you’re not use more force (come on Luke use the force)! Your burger might look similar to this:

Buffalo Crunch squished

I will admit I thought they were a little crazy when I saw the burger and all the buffalo sauce. I though what did I get myself into? Buffalo chicken, why of course but on a burger I wasn’t so sure and I thought the spiciness of the sauce might turn off a lot of people. I’m telling you the sauce has a great tanginess with very slight heat. If you are afraid of spicy items don’t be afraid of this burger, plus the cheese counters the spiciness some as well. When I first bit into the burger my taste buds immediately when to the creamy bleu cheese flavor. I was surprised I though it would be dominated by buffalo sauce. As I am working my head around the cheese the meat and buffalo sauce flavor come into my mouth. I was truly surprised how these flavors melded so well into this burger. Now the best part of the burger (in my opinion) are the potato crisps. I remember as a kid putting potato chips on my sandwiches and this is fun too. The crisps are not your bagged store-bought chips. These are extra-crispy house made crisps. These are so crunchy that our friend sitting at the next table over could hear the crunch as we bit down into the burgers.

This burger is so tasty and so much fun. I wish today was Thursday so I could go back and get myself another one. Remember this is only available for the next two Thursdays at de Vere’s for their Burger Thursday specials!


Second two Thursdays of October (Oct 20 & 27)- Prime Rib Burger (AKA The Bad MoFo)

Prime Rib Burger (traditional bun)

The pic of the burger was the first iteration of the burger with a traditional bun. I happened to be there the first day of the release of the burger with my friend Autumn (@bmprstkr76) and we were attempting to eat the burger and that bun just could not hold up to the meat and sauce. Right then and there Henry (@henrydevere) decided to make the change to the pretzel bun and it was in excellent change.

Prime Rib Burger with pretzel bun

When most people think or hear about a prime rib burger most think a burger made from the prime rib cut of meat. That sounds delicious and all but not at de Vere’s. For this burger you get a nice juicy burger with carmelized onions and melted manchango cheese with horseradish mayo, then to put it over the top and make it a prime rib burger they top that burger with slices of prime rib and serve it with Au Jus. This is not just  a couple of slices of prime rib but the equivalent of another burger on top of the good-sized burger. I think they have mad geniuses in the kitchen thinking of these flavor profiles.

The taste is great, I mean burger, cheese, carmelized onions, prime rib, mayo, pretzel bun do you see anything wrong with that list. My small complaints that can be easily fixed, with the size of the burger and prime rib, the horseradish mayo was a little weak. I was told they added more horseradish in later batches but mine was weak and hard to find on my burger. My suggestion is to request an extra side of the mayo with your burger (I always ask for more horseradish when I order prime rib too) that way you can add more to  your burger. The Au Jus was a little watered down for me, I’m not sure if there wasn’t a lot of spices on the outside of the prime rib when they roasted it or they didn’t add any salt to the sauce but it needed more depth. I just added a little salt to my Au Jus and it was better.

The burger itself with the prime rib was excellent. I bit down and got a little smoky goodness from the carmelized onions then the rich prime rib and then juicy burger. Really really great, plus dipping this big burger into the Au Jus really made it juicy and flavorful. I first tried the traditional bun and it fell apart each time I dipped the burger but with the pretzel bun I had no problems and you shouldn’t either as they will be serving this burger with the pretzel bun.

Remember you can only get this the last two Thursdays of October for the Burger Thursday specials.

Go check out de Vere’s Irish Pub Burger Thursdays and let me know what you think."

de Vere’s Irish Pub 1521 L Street Sacramento, CA 95816


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Last But Not Least: August's Urban "Lighter Side of Ireland" Menu

August is here, and so is the final installment of our "Lighter Side of Ireland" menu series. This month's Urban Menu showcases the modern food movement currently happening in Ireland. Pulling inspiration from both June's Seaside Menu and July's Farm House Menu, this lineup is bursting with big (but not overly filling) flavors. As always, offerings change every week--and are made entirely in-house--so come in soon to get a taste of these limited-edition dishes!

Sunday Brunch Specials (go USA!)

USA v. Japan...with a side of Irish Coffee! Come in this Sunday to watch the Women's World Cup Finals. The pub opens at 9am, game time is at 11:30 am, and brunch specials last until 2pm! As a reminder, here's what you can score EVERY weekend at the pub.


Almost Famous Irish Coffee $6

de Vere's Bloody Mary $5

Bottomless Mimosa Bottle Service $10


Full Brunch Menu:

Brunch Summer 2011

It's Here: July's Lighter Side of Ireland Menu

Last month, we kicked off our first-ever "Lighter Side of Ireland" food series with the refreshing Seaside Menu. This month, we're getting rustic with a Farmhouse Menu, which debuted this week. Flavorful cuts of meat...crisp vegetables...fresh-picked, juicy fruits. Are you hungry yet? Even more mouthwatering is the fact that our prolific chefs (it's unreal how many unique dishes they dream up every month) have sourced the most satisfying ingredients from local growers.

Speaking of local, don't forget you can get a bottle of  wine at half price when you order two entrees, Monday through Thursday.  For more information check out our Weekday Wine & Dine promotion.

Check out the Farmhouse Menu below for the most updated lineup.

Presenting “The Lighter Side of Ireland” Summer Menus

Crisp-fried fish. Savory cream sauce. Thick sizzling bacon.

While these traditional Irish food staples will always make your mouth water, they might not be what you always want to order—especially during the hot Sacramento summer months. Luckily, we have special, less-heavy menus options for you to indulge in while the mercury rises. For the first time ever, we're presenting a "Lighter Side of Ireland" dining experience—all summer long!

Starting this month, the progressive 3-phase menu gives you an opportunity to try less traditional, more refreshing fare (proving that Irish cuisine is much more than filling potatoes and gravy). It's our nod to the current food movement happening in Ireland right now.

Here's what we're serving: June’s Seaside Menu will offer fresh seafood specials. (Check it out here.) July’s Farm House Menu will feature a variety of savory meats and vegetables. Finally, August’s Urban Menu will highlight the modern side of Irish food. What's even more impressive is that options will change weekly. Our chefs Wes and Ricky have been busy—and extra creative!

If you come in Monday through Thursday, we'll be offering an incredible wine special.  Buy any two entrées from the special menus and get half off any  bottle of wine!

We hope everyone comes to join us for this culinary adventure and enjoy tasting

food from the ocean, the farm, and modern-day Ireland.


de Vere's Seaside Menu


The Lighter side of Ireland


~Menu changes weekly~

All items subject to availability

Seaside Menu

all items Pair well with ~

Railbridge Sauvignon blanc 7/26

Featured June 1-4

Grilled albacore tuna 13.5

House bacon, roasted fingerling potatoes, spring onion, arugula, Meyer lemon vinaigrette

Beer steamed mussels app 7.5 / entrée 16

Chorizo, red onion, fennel, tomato, garlic, grilled bread

Featured June 5-11

Roasted Beet salad 8

Red onion, fennel, goat cheese, maché, local olive oil

Grilled oysters 14

Spicy garlic butter

Broiled black cod 16

Asparagus, roasted shallots, house bacon, lemon caper beur blanc

Featured June 12-18

Grilled caesar salad 8

Croutons, shaved Irish Piquant flavored cheese

Smoked salmon Paté  12

Grilled Boddington’s wheat bread, small salad, cumberland sauce

Seared sea scallops 16

Crispy fingerlings, sautéed ramps, corn, smoked black cod chowder

Featured June 19-25

Smoked salmon boxty 9

Lemon, capers, sour cream, greens

Raw oysters 12

With accompaniments

Pan seared Irish trout 16

Potato and corn hash, spring onion white wine sauce

Featured June 26-30

Best of… Aq

Tax not included. Not valid with any other offer. Split entrees not    permitted. Service charge of 18% will be added to parties of 8 or more.

Chef :: Wesley Nilssen

Chef :: Tarick Abukhdier

Ireland is in the middle of a culinary revolution! Irish cooking is a clear example of cooking local while creating flavorful and exciting dishes. Irish cuisine is much more than heavy potatoes and thick gravys.

De Vere’s Irish Pub is dedicating our entire summer to showcasing the Irish cuisine movement while providing our guests with lighter fare during the hot summer months. This journey through Irish cooking will involve a new theme each month with weekly changing specials for you to try. We hope you will join us for this culinary adventure and enjoy tasting foods from the ocean, the farm, and modern day Ireland.

JUNE: “Seaside Menu” JULY: “Farmhouse Menu” August: “Urban Menu”

* We will be pairing all our menus with wines from Rail Bridge Cellars, a local urban winery from Sacramento.

* Buy Two entrées and Get 1/2 off a bottle!

Sacramento Burger Month at de Vere's Pub

Stadium Burger at de Vere’s Irish Pub –

Week 3 #sacburgermonth

Stadium Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub

Week 3: Sunday May 15 – Saturday May 21

Share this burger with your friends!

Local sports fans, this one is for you! This double ground beef patty is stuffed with 1.5 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese, coated with whole grain mustard, and smothered with a house made relish containing delicious peppadews. The chef’s searched far and wide for the perfect soft pretzel bun to compliment this beautiful burger creation.

Henry personally selected an organic wheat beer that goes perfectly with the pickled peppered flavors that top this burger. Mothership Wit from New Belgium Brewery is brewed with wheat and barley malt, as well as coriander and orange peel spicing resulting in a balance of citrus and sour flavors held in suspension by a bright burst of carbonation.

This premium burger/beer pairing is available for a limited time for $15 only at de Vere’s Irish Pub in Sacramento! Ask your server for the Sac Burger Month special!

This Burger has also been nominated in The ESPN "Fanwich" Contest and we need your votes! To Vote click here!

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About Rodney

Rodney is a long time Sacramento area resident that has been a cheeseburger lover for as long as he can remember. You can find his beautiful burger photography and tasty burger reviews at or drop him a line@burgerjunkies on Twitter to say Hi!


May is National Hamburger Month

May is National Hamburger Month

Original Article from
"Editor's Note: With nearly 500 foodspottings and numerous burgers under his belt, Super SpotterRodney Blackwell is clearly the perfect person to talk to about National Hamburger Month. Check out the contest he's running for burger junkies in Sacramento and be sure to follow his epic Foodspotting hamburger guide.


May is National Hamburger Month! As the creator of California-based burger review blog Burger Junkies, I jumped at the chance to share my love for burgers by teaming up with de Vere's Irish Pubin Sacramento to create #sacburgermonth. For each week in May, de Vere's chefs created a Featured Burger with beer pairings. You can check out those burgers in our #sacburgermonth guide.

It may be mid-May, but it’s never too late to join in the burger fun! To celebrate National Burger Month, add a burger that you’ve enjoyed to the new National Hamburger Month Foodspotting guide. It’s an open guide, so hopefully together we can create one of the best visual burger resources in the world!

Rodney Blackwell runs and when he’s not thinking about t-shirts, he’s out fueling his Foodspotting addiction. You can follow his burger adventures at or on@burgerjunkies.


Sacramento Burger Month's Week 1 Burger: The Tostada Burger

Week 1: Sunday May 1 – Saturday May 7

The Tostada Burger

Tostada Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub
Tostada Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub


Served on a lightly toasted, locally baked bun from The Grateful Bread, this freshly double ground beef burger is topped with a crispy tostada and corn pico de gallo salsa con queso. The burger itself sits on another layer of the house made salsa, a nice red tomato slice and another tostada layer to give it a great crunch. For an added kick, the buns are lightly spread with a made-from-scratch Serrano chili mayonnaise.

This burger is paired with a classic Corona beer during Cinco de Mayo week where de Vere’s will be celebrating the Batallón de San Patricio (aka Drinko de Mayo)

To Vote for this burger click here

To Learn what's Next click here

To Vote for the 4th week burger click here


All About Sacramento Burger Month at de Vere's Pub! (Part One)

Sac Burger Month (or  hashtag #sacburgermonth on Twitter) is a joint effort between de Vere’s Irish Pub in Since May is officially National Hamburger Month, we thought it would be great to promote burger awareness here in our beautiful city of Sacramento.

Each week in May, the fine chefs at de Vere’s Irish Pub will be showcasing a unique featured burger masterpiece that will only be available for that week only.

Here’s the Burger Breakdown:

Week 1: Sunday May 1 – Saturday May 7

The Tostada Burger

Tostada Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub
Tostada Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub


Served on a lightly toasted, locally baked bun from The Grateful Bread, this freshly double ground beef burger is topped with a crispy tostada and corn pico de gallo salsa con queso. The burger itself sits on another layer of the house made salsa, a nice red tomato slice and another tostada layer to give it a great crunch. For an added kick, the buns are lightly spread with a made-from-scratch Serrano chili mayonnaise.

This burger is paired with a classic Corona beer during Cinco de Mayo week where de Vere’s will be celebrating the Batallón de San Patricio (aka Drinko de Mayo)


Week 2: Sunday May 8 – Saturday May 14

The Firestone Burger

Firestone Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub
Firestone Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub


This juicy cheeseburger is cooked in a red wine, shallots, and balsamic vinegar based sauce that gives it a powerful sweet and tangy flavor.  The double ground smoked beef patty is infused with smoked pork and topped with bacon, smoked cheddar goat cheese and fried onions. This flavorful burger is served on a lightly toasted, locally sourced, freshly baked bun.

We paired this burger with an Abbey ale from New Belgium Brewery out of Colorado. The chocolatey undertones allow this beer to hold its own with the smokiness of the Firestone Burger.


Week 3: Sunday May 15 – Saturday May 21

The Stadium Burger

Stadium Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub
Stadium Burger at de Vere's Irish Pub


Local sports fans, this one is for you! This double ground beef patty is stuffed with 1.5 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese, coated with whole grain mustard, and smothered with a house made relish containing delicious peppadews. The chef’s searched far and wide for the perfect soft pretzel bun to compliment this beautiful burger creation.

Henry personally selected an organic wheat beer that goes perfectly with the pickled peppered flavors that top this burger. Mothership Wit from New Belgium Brewery is brewed with wheat and barley malt, as well as coriander and orange peel spicing resulting in a balance of citrus and sour flavors held in suspension by a bright burst of carbonation.


Week 4: Sunday May 22- Saturday May 28


Vote for our last Weekly Featured Burger
Vote for our last Weekly Featured Burger 

We haven’t picked the burger for Week 4 yet.

Your votes for the 4th Week #sacburgermonth burger will decide which one gets featured on the menu!

The de Vere’s chefs have dreamed up 2 crazy burger creations for #sacburgermonth Week 4, but only 1 can be on the menu.

Help us choose the Week 4 Featured Burger by taking our 5 second survey and be entered into a chance to win a t-shirt and free $25 Gift Card from de Vere’s Irish Pub!

Will it be:

A Prime Rib Burger with carmalized onions manchango cheese, Horse radish mayo and Au Jus

Or will it be:

A Philly Burger Pepercorned crusted all beef patty with house made Pastrami , house made sour kraut, and swiss cheese with a roasted red pepper mayo.

Cast Your Vote

Sacramento and (a burger review blog).

Sac Burger Month (or  hashtag #sacburgermonth on Twitter) is a joint effort between de Vere’s Irish Pub in

Ms. Munchie Dines at De Vere's

Saturday, April 30, 2011


de Vere's - Pub Fare & Burger Bonanza

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or on her Twitter! @ms_munchie

A few months ago I had started a Twitter exchange with Henry de Vere of de Vere’s Pub before I had ever met him. He invited me to come into the pub and I explained I rarely entered pubs and bars because I don’t drink. “But we have great pub food”, he replied.
Shortly after, I finally met him and he repeated his invitation. Come on in and he’ll set up a tasting for me with his chef. As my readers know, I never turn up an offer for free food. It took several weeks, but I finally made it in. That said, you can consider this review biased, if you wish, since I did not go in there blindly, but for a formal tasting.
I ventured over after work on a Thursday. Henry greeted me warmly and told me what he had arranged. He thought I might like to see the chef make some blood sausage in the kitchen before trying some food.

mixing the blood sausage ingredients
I was introduced to Chef Wes Nilssen. He’s had quite a few positions around town, including some of the Paragary’s restaurants. He asked me if I liked blood sausage. Now my mother, being Filipina, loved all that sort of stuff. Me, not so much. I would have tasted it, but actually got off the evening not having too.  He had all the ingredients all prepped. There was barley, oats, onion, milk soaked bread crumbs, bits of pig fat, spices, and pig’s blood from John Bledsoe. He started with the barley, poured in the blood, and mixed it thoroughly before adding the next ingredient. He carefully blended each ingredient in before moving to the next. In actuality, the sausage is mostly the filler.  Everything was a bright crimson. 

The sausage maker was brought out and loaded and then the intestinal casings were slid onto the extruder. One of the kitchen assistants cranked down the press as Chef handled the sausage as it was extruded. I noted that he wasn’t making links. Instead, they make a giant coil, boil it, and then they cut portions from it after it’s cooled.

We got two coils from today’s batch and Chef said it would last them about three weeks. They make their other sausages as well. Their plan is to get licensed to do their own charcuterie. Thoughts of salami and smoked goods swim in my head. Yum.
I went back out to the bar and sat down with Henry with a cheese platter. On it were two types of salami, four cheese, some peppadews, olives, and a housemade marmalade. There were also slices of the Irish brown bread they bake themselves twice a day. Since it is so heavy and has very little moisture to it, they bake it twice a day to keep the freshest available throughout the day.
Henry talked about our British/Irish backgrounds. My dad is from Ipswich in ’58 and his parents came from the Dublin area in the late 70’s. In fact, Henry, the youngest, is the only one of his siblings to be born in the U.S.
Henry explained that they wanted to make the best Irish bread like his grandmother made. But we all know our grandparents used to just throw ingredients together and never measured. So he and his aunt set about making 20 different versions of bread, writing down the measurements, and having grandma taste them. They narrowed it down over and over until they finally came to the final one that was like grandma’s. That’s the recipe they use in the pub now.
We discussed pub food and the type of food from the British Isles. I grew up knowing a little about bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie. Henry explained that they wanted to add some lighter pub fare to the menu as we start going into the summer months. My next item was one of their ideas. They took the well-known combo of smoked salmon, capers, and onions and wrapped inside a boxty. Boxty is a potato pancake. I really liked it. The warm, soft pancake with the crunch of onion, smoky salmon, and salty capers with a bit of crème worked well as a nice little package.
They asked me what else I would like to taste and so I asked for the Irish stew and shepherd’s pie. The pie came out first with the mashed potatoes decoratively piped on top and then put under the broiler for a quick toast of the peaks. Sprinkled on top was some parsley. Henry explained that his mom always put the garnish on everyone’s plate because it made a simple meal more special, especially when feeding a large family on a budget.
mini version of their shepherd's pie
I later read through some of the Yelp reviews and noted that people were irked by the ratio of mashed potatoes to meat mixture.  I can agree with that. Yes, it could use more filling and less potato. But at least the filling was good. In fact, I was impressed that the vegetables weren’t overcooked and soft, but still had that slight crispness to them. And since I wasn’t paying for anything, I wasn’t paying attention to prices. So if I was having to pay for it, I probably would also be a bit irritated by too much potato.
Our conversation continued about the traditional pub dishes. Everyone who grew up eating shepherd’s pie or Irish stew has a very subjective idea of how the dish should be. Everyone’s recipe and childhood memory is different. Both of these dishes can be done with beef or lamb. Henry explained that they serve dishes closest to the de Vere’s family recipes and how HE grew up with them. He often has customers say that a dish needs to be different – “you need to add this” or “it’s supposed to have __”. But you can’t satisfy everyone.
Next came the Irish stew, with beef. (As I had just told him I made my St. Pat’s stew with lamb.) It arrived with the family garnish of a sprinkling of chives. There was plenty of meat and chunky vegetables. I noted the full bodied flavor of the gravy and Chef explained that they cook the stew with veal bones.
Being into desserts, I asked them what they had. Their best dessert is their bread pudding. They slice it, coat it in panko crumbs, deep fry it, and then serve it with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Now I’m not a fan of bread pudding, but I couldn’t stop eating this. Henry said it had become so popular that they could never take it off the menu. A signature dish. When people order it he know that, again, they might be thinking of a bread pudding that they grew up with and he has to explain to them that it’s going to be deep fried so that they aren’t shocked when it arrives.
By this time I was stuffed and reluctantly had to push the rest of the pudding away. I’d learned a lot about Henry and his family, his bar and his vision. That vision includes a second pub being fitted in Davis. Like the midtown location, the Davis one will have all the interior shipped over from Ireland. When I asked why the expense of importing versus just making replicas, he explained that it just doesn’t look and feel the same as the workmanship and pieces he brings over. As we gazed around the bar area he pointed out all the pictures of his relations. He explained that his family has pubs back for many generations and he’s just continuing the legacy here in the U.S.
Another Day, Another Tasting
A couple days later I get a tweet. Do I want to come for a burger tasting? Rodney, known on Twitter as @burgerjunkies, is partnering with de Vere’s for burger month. It turns out that May is National Burger Month. Henry and Rodney have a plan for a different burger for each week of May and we now get to taste them.
Week 1 contains Cinco de Mayo and so we start with a TostadaBurger. You get bun, crisp tostada, tomato, corn pico de gallo con queso, burger, another crispy tostada, more corn pico, and Serrano mayo and bun. LOVED this burger. It has a nice spicy kick to it flavor-wise. But this is mostly a texture burger. You get a fabulous crunch from the tostadas and then a veggie crunch from the corn.
Week 2 is going to be the Firestone Burger, since de Vere’s is in the Firestone district where the old Firestone building used to be. This one is all about flavor. Inside the bun there is arugula tossed in a little oil and salt and pepper, a burger made with beef and some smoked pork mixed in, smoked goat cheddar cheese, a pile of fried onions, and topped with a red wine/balsamic shallot sauce that has been cooked down to thick, caramel jam. What I really liked with this burger was that even though it was full of lots of bold flavors, you could still distinguish each ingredient and savor the blend. The goat cheese is noticeable, but not overpowering. You can taste the bit of smokiness and yet still taste the vibrant shallot sauce as well. Everything worked really well off of each other.
Week 3 is the Stadium Burger. Served on a pretzel bun shipped all the way from Chicago, it has a patty with an ounce and a half of cheddar stuffed inside. Both sides of the bun are spread with whole grain mustard and the burger is topped with a housemade relish of cucumbers and those lovely peppadews I had on my cheese platter the week before. As we split the burgers the cheddar oozed from the center. I liked this burger, but found it awkward to eat. I also told Henry that the relish needed more of the peppadews and less cucumber.
The final week of May will probably be decided by a poll of de Vere’s fans. One option being considered is a burger topped with prime rib and served with au jus for dunking. Another possibility is one topped with short rib.
Oh, and they’ve paired each burger with a specific beer. I don’t drink, so I didn’t pay attention to their beer tasting.
Out of the three I liked the Tostada and Firestone equally. The Tostada for texture and spice and the Firestone for bold flavors that play well together. I loved the stuffed cheese burger of the Stadium, but found the pretzel roll to be awkward. All three are worth trying for a burger filled month.
I know that Rodney had prizes in mind for Burger Month, so check out his site for more details. Then plan to go to de Vere’s each week to try these fabulous burgers. They are special for May, so grab them while you can.


Each year, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, which is the leading cause of death for youngsters in the US and Canada. At 5pm on March 14, 2011 at deVere's Irish Pub, teams of brave and caring souls will bare their domes in an annual head-shaving, fund raising, philanthropic event that, since its advent, has generated over 56 million dollars to help kids fight and prevent cancer.