New Year's Eve

Celebrate the New Year TWICE!

We love parties (and Ireland) so much, we always celebrate the New Year TWICE--once on Dublin time (4pm PST) and again on local time (12am PST)! We've been doing this double celebration since we opened, first because it's just a great excuse to toast the ones we love and second, to give our pub family options. If you have children, want to avoid crazy New Year's Eve crowds, and/or prefer to be in bed at midnight, we invite you to join us for the Dublin toast at 4pm. If you want to get dressed up and hit the town at night, join us for our midnight countdown!

We will be offering complimentary champagne or whiskey toasts for BOTH celebrations!

Did we mention there is NO COVER all day/night?

We'll be raising our glasses to our wonderful patrons and cheers-ing to a healthy, prosperous and very happy New Year!


Celebrate New Year's Eve (TWICE!) at de Vere's Irish Pub!

Every year at the pub, we like to celebrate the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, twice: once at 4pm PST (12am in Dublin) and again at 12am our time. That way, everyone has a chance to raise a glass of bubbly or a shot of whiskey to celebrate the new year. If you want to avoid the crazy crowds at night, prefer to be in bed at midnight, or have kids to keep company, join us at 4pm for a toast to Dublin. If you want the real deal, come party with us at night! For both toasts, we will be handing out champagne and whiskey to all who'd like to partake.

We will also be doing a special Prime Rib dinner on the 31st. More details to come!

Remember: no one celebrates New Years like the Irish!