Celebrate Easter at de Vere's Irish Pub!

Join us this Sunday, March 31st, for Easter brunch and dinner. We will be serving our full menu along with these delicious specials:


Brunch (both locations)

Eggs Benedict with snow crab, avocado and bernaise sauce.

(Plus our usual $10 bottomless mimosa bottle service!)


Dinner (Sacramento)

Roasted leg of lamb over colcannon potatoes and roasted carrots.

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Dinner (Davis)

Braised lamb shank on colcannon potatoes and roasted carrots.

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Regardless of where and how you celebrate, our family wishes you a very happy Easter!


Last But Not Least: August's Urban "Lighter Side of Ireland" Menu

August is here, and so is the final installment of our "Lighter Side of Ireland" menu series. This month's Urban Menu showcases the modern food movement currently happening in Ireland. Pulling inspiration from both June's Seaside Menu and July's Farm House Menu, this lineup is bursting with big (but not overly filling) flavors. As always, offerings change every week--and are made entirely in-house--so come in soon to get a taste of these limited-edition dishes!

Ms. Munchie Dines at De Vere's

Saturday, April 30, 2011


de Vere's - Pub Fare & Burger Bonanza

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A few months ago I had started a Twitter exchange with Henry de Vere of de Vere’s Pub before I had ever met him. He invited me to come into the pub and I explained I rarely entered pubs and bars because I don’t drink. “But we have great pub food”, he replied.
Shortly after, I finally met him and he repeated his invitation. Come on in and he’ll set up a tasting for me with his chef. As my readers know, I never turn up an offer for free food. It took several weeks, but I finally made it in. That said, you can consider this review biased, if you wish, since I did not go in there blindly, but for a formal tasting.
I ventured over after work on a Thursday. Henry greeted me warmly and told me what he had arranged. He thought I might like to see the chef make some blood sausage in the kitchen before trying some food.

mixing the blood sausage ingredients
I was introduced to Chef Wes Nilssen. He’s had quite a few positions around town, including some of the Paragary’s restaurants. He asked me if I liked blood sausage. Now my mother, being Filipina, loved all that sort of stuff. Me, not so much. I would have tasted it, but actually got off the evening not having too.  He had all the ingredients all prepped. There was barley, oats, onion, milk soaked bread crumbs, bits of pig fat, spices, and pig’s blood from John Bledsoe. He started with the barley, poured in the blood, and mixed it thoroughly before adding the next ingredient. He carefully blended each ingredient in before moving to the next. In actuality, the sausage is mostly the filler.  Everything was a bright crimson. 

The sausage maker was brought out and loaded and then the intestinal casings were slid onto the extruder. One of the kitchen assistants cranked down the press as Chef handled the sausage as it was extruded. I noted that he wasn’t making links. Instead, they make a giant coil, boil it, and then they cut portions from it after it’s cooled.

We got two coils from today’s batch and Chef said it would last them about three weeks. They make their other sausages as well. Their plan is to get licensed to do their own charcuterie. Thoughts of salami and smoked goods swim in my head. Yum.
I went back out to the bar and sat down with Henry with a cheese platter. On it were two types of salami, four cheese, some peppadews, olives, and a housemade marmalade. There were also slices of the Irish brown bread they bake themselves twice a day. Since it is so heavy and has very little moisture to it, they bake it twice a day to keep the freshest available throughout the day.
Henry talked about our British/Irish backgrounds. My dad is from Ipswich in ’58 and his parents came from the Dublin area in the late 70’s. In fact, Henry, the youngest, is the only one of his siblings to be born in the U.S.
Henry explained that they wanted to make the best Irish bread like his grandmother made. But we all know our grandparents used to just throw ingredients together and never measured. So he and his aunt set about making 20 different versions of bread, writing down the measurements, and having grandma taste them. They narrowed it down over and over until they finally came to the final one that was like grandma’s. That’s the recipe they use in the pub now.
We discussed pub food and the type of food from the British Isles. I grew up knowing a little about bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie. Henry explained that they wanted to add some lighter pub fare to the menu as we start going into the summer months. My next item was one of their ideas. They took the well-known combo of smoked salmon, capers, and onions and wrapped inside a boxty. Boxty is a potato pancake. I really liked it. The warm, soft pancake with the crunch of onion, smoky salmon, and salty capers with a bit of crème worked well as a nice little package.
They asked me what else I would like to taste and so I asked for the Irish stew and shepherd’s pie. The pie came out first with the mashed potatoes decoratively piped on top and then put under the broiler for a quick toast of the peaks. Sprinkled on top was some parsley. Henry explained that his mom always put the garnish on everyone’s plate because it made a simple meal more special, especially when feeding a large family on a budget.
mini version of their shepherd's pie
I later read through some of the Yelp reviews and noted that people were irked by the ratio of mashed potatoes to meat mixture.  I can agree with that. Yes, it could use more filling and less potato. But at least the filling was good. In fact, I was impressed that the vegetables weren’t overcooked and soft, but still had that slight crispness to them. And since I wasn’t paying for anything, I wasn’t paying attention to prices. So if I was having to pay for it, I probably would also be a bit irritated by too much potato.
Our conversation continued about the traditional pub dishes. Everyone who grew up eating shepherd’s pie or Irish stew has a very subjective idea of how the dish should be. Everyone’s recipe and childhood memory is different. Both of these dishes can be done with beef or lamb. Henry explained that they serve dishes closest to the de Vere’s family recipes and how HE grew up with them. He often has customers say that a dish needs to be different – “you need to add this” or “it’s supposed to have __”. But you can’t satisfy everyone.
Next came the Irish stew, with beef. (As I had just told him I made my St. Pat’s stew with lamb.) It arrived with the family garnish of a sprinkling of chives. There was plenty of meat and chunky vegetables. I noted the full bodied flavor of the gravy and Chef explained that they cook the stew with veal bones.
Being into desserts, I asked them what they had. Their best dessert is their bread pudding. They slice it, coat it in panko crumbs, deep fry it, and then serve it with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Now I’m not a fan of bread pudding, but I couldn’t stop eating this. Henry said it had become so popular that they could never take it off the menu. A signature dish. When people order it he know that, again, they might be thinking of a bread pudding that they grew up with and he has to explain to them that it’s going to be deep fried so that they aren’t shocked when it arrives.
By this time I was stuffed and reluctantly had to push the rest of the pudding away. I’d learned a lot about Henry and his family, his bar and his vision. That vision includes a second pub being fitted in Davis. Like the midtown location, the Davis one will have all the interior shipped over from Ireland. When I asked why the expense of importing versus just making replicas, he explained that it just doesn’t look and feel the same as the workmanship and pieces he brings over. As we gazed around the bar area he pointed out all the pictures of his relations. He explained that his family has pubs back for many generations and he’s just continuing the legacy here in the U.S.
Another Day, Another Tasting
A couple days later I get a tweet. Do I want to come for a burger tasting? Rodney, known on Twitter as @burgerjunkies, is partnering with de Vere’s for burger month. It turns out that May is National Burger Month. Henry and Rodney have a plan for a different burger for each week of May and we now get to taste them.
Week 1 contains Cinco de Mayo and so we start with a TostadaBurger. You get bun, crisp tostada, tomato, corn pico de gallo con queso, burger, another crispy tostada, more corn pico, and Serrano mayo and bun. LOVED this burger. It has a nice spicy kick to it flavor-wise. But this is mostly a texture burger. You get a fabulous crunch from the tostadas and then a veggie crunch from the corn.
Week 2 is going to be the Firestone Burger, since de Vere’s is in the Firestone district where the old Firestone building used to be. This one is all about flavor. Inside the bun there is arugula tossed in a little oil and salt and pepper, a burger made with beef and some smoked pork mixed in, smoked goat cheddar cheese, a pile of fried onions, and topped with a red wine/balsamic shallot sauce that has been cooked down to thick, caramel jam. What I really liked with this burger was that even though it was full of lots of bold flavors, you could still distinguish each ingredient and savor the blend. The goat cheese is noticeable, but not overpowering. You can taste the bit of smokiness and yet still taste the vibrant shallot sauce as well. Everything worked really well off of each other.
Week 3 is the Stadium Burger. Served on a pretzel bun shipped all the way from Chicago, it has a patty with an ounce and a half of cheddar stuffed inside. Both sides of the bun are spread with whole grain mustard and the burger is topped with a housemade relish of cucumbers and those lovely peppadews I had on my cheese platter the week before. As we split the burgers the cheddar oozed from the center. I liked this burger, but found it awkward to eat. I also told Henry that the relish needed more of the peppadews and less cucumber.
The final week of May will probably be decided by a poll of de Vere’s fans. One option being considered is a burger topped with prime rib and served with au jus for dunking. Another possibility is one topped with short rib.
Oh, and they’ve paired each burger with a specific beer. I don’t drink, so I didn’t pay attention to their beer tasting.
Out of the three I liked the Tostada and Firestone equally. The Tostada for texture and spice and the Firestone for bold flavors that play well together. I loved the stuffed cheese burger of the Stadium, but found the pretzel roll to be awkward. All three are worth trying for a burger filled month.
I know that Rodney had prizes in mind for Burger Month, so check out his site for more details. Then plan to go to de Vere’s each week to try these fabulous burgers. They are special for May, so grab them while you can.

Irish pub to replace Soga's

"Brothers Simon and Henry de Vere White are co-owners of the popular de Vere's Irish Pub in Sacramento and will be branching out to Davis by September 2011. The de Vere Whites hail from Ireland and plan to bring an Irish flair to the Downtown Davis dining experience.

"We're an Irish pub, we cater to a wide variety of people, from families with kids to the business community," said Simon. "We're very food focused here, so I think what helps us be successful is being family owned and operated."

De Vere's Irish Pub signed a 10-year lease at 217 E St., a 4,800 square foot location formerly occupied by Soga's. The new location is 1,000 square feet larger than the Sacramento location.

De Vere's will take over the building formerly occupied by Soga's, an Italian and American food restaurant that permanently closed on Nov. 21 2010, after filing for bankruptcy.

"We liked the look of the building, we wanted to be downtown," said Simon. "We thought that downtown Davis had a great feel to it, and it seems that that's where the focus of the food industry is."

De Vere's will provide a hearty menu filled with traditional Irish food, as well as the familiar cheeseburger and sandwich for the more timid restaurant-goers.

Most of the food served will be made fresh in-house, including curing their own bacon, butchering their own meat and making their own pudding.

"We like to say we make everything here, except for Ranch," said Simon.

Despite Soga's recent bankruptcy, the de Vere Whites were not discouraged from branching out into Davis with a second pub after two successful years in Sacramento.

"We were always very intrigued with Davis. Great community and culture there. Family-oriented town, family business," said Simon. "We thought that going into a place that has a university system was very compelling and thought we would be a good fit for Davis."

For those looking for an authentic Irish pub experience, de Vere's is the place to go. De Vere's Irish Pub provides both authentic Irish cuisine and authentic Irish interior design complete with family pictures, paintings and Irish antiques.

"In Ireland, kids are at the pubs. You're born in the pub, grow up in the pub, get married in the pub," said Simon. "Every Sunday is family Sunday, we discount the kids menu. We definitely try to attract the family aspect."

De Vere's, winner of Sacramento Magazine's Best Pub Food award of 2010, prides itself on its hospitality, food and cozy atmosphere.

The opening of de Vere's is good news for the alcohol savvy as well, offering an extensive alcohol menu with 89 varieties of whiskey and 66 varieties of scotch."


DYLAN AARON can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


de Vere's Is Going Big For St. Patrick's Day!


Join us on St. Patrick’s Day for the ultimate authentic-Irish experience. At de Vere’s Irish Pub, you can enjoy the beautiful woodwork, family heirlooms, friendly banter, and of course, the perfect pint of Guinness (a specialty we’ve mastered).

Our pub doors will open at 8am—and our famous Irish coffees will be piping hot and ready to serve.

At 11am, we will close down the sidewalks and open our outside venue, which will include an outdoor kitchen serving traditional Irish fare (like corned beef and cabbage) and a stage featuring live entertainment throughout the day.

Bring your friends and family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish fashion.




This year de Vere’s Irish Pub and the Downtown Sacramento Partnership have teamed up for the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The party in the park will be bigger and better than ever. We’re moving to Cesar Chavez Plaza located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento at 10th & J streets to accommodate our fans.



Maryhouse is a daytime hospitality shelter for homeless women and children. This past year, 1,584 women and 978 children received services at Maryhouse.

> Donate to MaryHouse

Sacramento Firefighters Pipes and Drums

> Donate to the Sacramento Pipes and Drums


The deVere’s St. Patrick’s Day festival is the largest event of its kind in Sacramento . The 2010 event attracted nearly 7,000 attendees to the all day event featuring live music and entertainment.


The Downtown Sacramento Partnership (DSP) is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Sacramento's central business district. The DSP oversees maintenance, safety and revitalization programs financed by the Downtown Sacramento Management District, a property assessment district established in 1995 and renewed in 2000.



de Vere's St. Patrick's day Pub Party


Join us on St. Patrick’s Day for the ultimate authentic-Irish experience. At de Vere’s Irish Pub, you can enjoy the beautiful woodwork, family heirlooms, friendly banter, and of course, the perfect pint of Guinness (a specialty we’ve mastered).

Our pub doors will open at 8am—and our famous Irish coffees will be piping hot and ready to serve.

At 11am, we will close down the sidewalks and open our outside venue, which will include an outdoor kitchen serving traditional Irish fare (like corned beef and cabbage) and a stage featuring live entertainment throughout the day.

Bring your friends and family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish fashion.

Party Timeline

8:00 AM: Pub opens

11:00 AM: Our extended sidewalk party area opens

12:00 PM: Authentic corned beef and cabbage lunch

2:00 PM: Cover-charge for the party begins

2:30 PM: Pipes and Drums

3:30 PM: Kennely School Dancers

4:30 PM: Nine-8ths Irish

7:00 PM: Kennel School Dancers

8:30 PM: Whiskey and Stitches

For all updates follow us on twitter @sacstpats


de Vere's St. Patrick's day Party in the Park

March 17, 2011 • 10 am – 10 p

This year de Vere’s Irish Pub and the Downtown Sacramento Partnership have teamed up for the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The party in the park will be bigger and better than ever. We’re moving to Cesar Chavez Plaza located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento at 10th & J streets to accommodate our fans.

10:00 AM: Doors Open

11:00 AM: Live dancers on stage

11:30 AM: Nine-8th's Irish

12:00 PM: Lunch served!

1:30 PM: Dancers on stage

2:30 PM: Whiskey and Stitches

4:30 PM: Black Eyed Dempseys

6:30 PM: Pipes and Drums

7:30 PM: Zoo Station

10:00 PM: Park closed. Head to de Vere's Pub!

Dine Downtown: Preview of de Vere’s Irish Pub Menu

De Vere’s not only offers the largest whiskey collection in Sacramento, it offers a full restaurant menu including weekday happy hours, daily lunch and dinner and even a weekend brunch menu.

Dine Downtown: Preview of de Vere’s Irish Pub Menu

By Tracy Arnold

"Prior to this last Wednesday, the only reason I had ever visited de Vere’s Irish Pub was for the occasional pint of Guinness. If you are like me, I challenge you to change your perspective and discover the food behind the drink. De Vere’s not only offers the largest whiskey collection in Sacramento, it offers a full restaurant menu including weekday happy hours, daily lunch and dinner and even a weekend brunch menu (that I notice includes a bacon waffle – with chopped bacon in the waffle batter – intriguing!).

For those of you who have never visited de Vere’s, it is a traditional Irish pub – loud atmosphere, table tucked in nooks, two large bars and an outside patio. It is a great place for happy hour after a long day or participate in a weekly trivia night contest. However, I discovered they should also be on one’s list of dinner destinations.

de Vere’s Dine Downtown menu offers a three course dinner comprised of either beet salad or soup of the day (we had Irish Wedding soup, YUM!), followed by a second course of either braised lamb shoulder stew or lemon Dijon chicken, and the dessert course choices include Bailey’s cheesecake or crispy bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries.

The beet salad, is a mache lettuce salad with both golden and red beets and herbed goat cheese. The Irish wedding soup was my favorite choice in this course, best description is a home-made chicken sausage and noodle soup with kale and beans – exactly what this January weather calls for. The lamb dish was served like a stew with barley, fresh carrots and a mint salsa that made the entire dish pop. The chicken is a de Vere’s favorite, roasted chicken and red seasoned potatoes served with cabbage – after all what is an Irish meal without cabbage?

For dessert, the crispy bread pudding alone is worth trying out de Vere’s Dine Downtown menu. It is one of those dishes that will soon be featured on the Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate - it is a cross between French toast and a churro, deep fried goodness rolled in sugar and cinnamon served with ice cream, fresh raspberries and blueberries topped with caramel – it cannot get any better!

While there, I also learned that de Vere’s just added to their regular menu a fully loaded (with peas and bacon) mac and cheese that has the potential to surpass Esquire Grill’s as the best mac and cheese in town. It offers whiskey pairing dinners to members of the de Vere’s Whiskey Society, and in addition to hosting the city’s biggest St. Patrick’s day celebration, de Vere’s hosts Sacramento’s annual St. Baldrick’s shaving day to raise money for childhood cancer research."
Original Article

de Vere's Pub's Dine Downtown Menu 2011

de Vere's Irish Pub's menu for Sacramento's 2011 Dine Downtown experience.

New Years Menu

Join us for an incredible dinner experience with your friends and loved one's this New Years Eve.  Our Chef's have gone out of their way to put together an outstanding menu featuring local farm to table products.  Come and enjoy a few pints for a toast to Dublin at 4 pm, then stay and spend the rest of your evening with us and bring in the New Year in true Irish fashion with one of our 170 whiskeys.

de Vere's New Year's Toast To Dublin!


de Vere’s is going all out this year to bring in the New Years in true Irish Fashion.  Bring your family and friends with you to the pub and celebrate the New Years with a great pint, a whiskey toast, and with champagne for everyone. We will be celebrating the New Years twice this year!  We are having a toast to Dublin at 4pm our time or midnight Irish time with champagne and whiskey for everyone!  Bring in the Irish New Year with your favorite Irish pub! We will also then be celebrating our New Year’s at midnight with a champagne and whiskey toast for everyone in the pub!

If you want to make a night of it, call us after December first and book a table for you and your friends for an evening at de Vere’s Irish Pub.  We will be serving a limited sit down dinner from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm for people with reservations only.  Not only will you have a fabulous multi-course dinner created by our chefs, but you will also then be able to hold onto your table for the entire evening of festivities! (Not all tables are available for the entire night, limited availability please ask about these tables when placing your reservation. $65 per for dinner and to hold the table, if you want just dinner than it's only $50 per person) Our Chefs have been wooing people with their whiskey and beer dinners since we have opened and they are looking forward to making sure everyone has a fantastic and memorable New Years dinner!

We can’t wait to bring in the New Year with all of you!


de Vere's Irish Pub

*** If you want more information about our events, whiskey dinners, St. Patrick’s day or to enter to win a trip for two to Ireland, please go to our website and join our Pub Club Newsletter.  www.deverespub.com

de Vere's Traditional Irish Stew

This Irish one pot wonder is served with a slice of our house made Brown bread. We take extra care to ensure that you recieve a hot and rich stew to fill you up on a cold winters day. We make our stock from veal bones and veggies that we reduce for twenty four hours.

Bangers, Bangers, and more Bangers!

We make our own bangers in house three times a week.  We use our own family recipe, grind all of the meat and stuff them in real casings to ensure an incredible banger for your breakfast or for a plate of our bangers and Mash served with a mushroom gravy and  a side of veggies.  We are very proud of our bangers and they are a huge hit with our guests.  Everything tastes better when its home made!

Come by for a pint or two and get an Irish Breakfast on a cold day, it is a great cure for anything and everything!

You can taste this dish at our Pub 
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Granny’s Shepherd’s Pie With A Fried Egg

Ground beef, and fresh vegetables in a rich gravy, topped with mashed potatoes, and baked until golden brown, and served with your choice of a pub salad, Caesar, or Chef’s daily soup.
This is a classic Irish dish and one of our most popular items.  Shepherd's pie can be made with beef or with Lamb, however beef or "Minced Meat" is used in most households due to its availability and price point.  We use our owners family recipe and the fried egg is a touch of theirs as well.  It really brings the dish together and is a must try!

You can taste this dish at our Pub 
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$3 Thankful Thursday!!


After you’ve filled up on turkey and spent time with your family, come down and join our family on Thanksgiving! The pub will be open from 9pm until close, offering $3 beers, $3 well drinks, and $3 bottled beers. We want to be your go-to spot for the holidays, so grab a few friends and come down. After all, friends don’t let friends drink alone!

Europa League review - Thurs 30th Sept

Europa League review - Thurs 30th Sept

"A review of the action involving Barclays Premier League teams in the Europa League on Thursday.
Liverpool and Manchester City both drew in the latest round of Europa League matches. The Anfield aces were held 0-0 by Utrecht in Holland and then City came from behind to earn a 1-1 draw at home to Italian giants Juventus.

Adam Johnson snatched a point, bringing his side level in the 37th minute when he took advantage of a glorious through-ball from Yaya Youre. The winger showed good vision to race in from the right and sweep the ball home from inside the area. It was just the boost City needed after falling behind to a goal from Vincenzo Iaquinta in the 11th minute. With Jerome Boateng backing off, Iaquinta cut inside from the left before unleashing a shot that went beyond Joe Hart and into the corner of the net. Veteran striker Alessandro Del Piero hit the underside of the bar with a late free-kick with both sides good value for their point.

Liverpool held

Earlier, Liverpool picked up a hard-earned point with a goalless draw away to Utrecht. The Merseysiders had precious few opportunities although Fernando Torres did fire over with his left foot early in the second half when he might have hoped to hit the target. And the visitors should have taken the lead in the 57th minute when Dirk Kuyt crossed from the right to near post where Torres, eight yards out, saw his first-time shot tipped around the post by Michel Vorm. Raul Meireles came to his side's rescue, clearing off the line from Michael Silverbauer's header after Pepe Reina had failed to claim a corner from Dries Mertens. Without the rested Steven Gerrard, Liverpool lacked a spark. It was a solid but sometimes laboured display by Roy Hodgson's side who will still be pleased to come away with a clean sheet and a valuable point. A draw in the Stadion Galgenwaard, where the hosts had won their previous six matches, was no disgrace but it was hardly one of those classic, gritty away performances in Europe. Roy Hodgson's side, who had five successive Europa League victories prior to this match, were dominated for long periods and their clean sheet owed much to goalkeeper Jose Reina and that goalline clearance from Meireles."

Original Article