Each year, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, which is the leading cause of death for youngsters in the US and Canada. At 5pm on March 14, 2011 at deVere's Irish Pub, teams of brave and caring souls will bare their domes in an annual head-shaving, fund raising, philanthropic event that, since its advent, has generated over 56 million dollars to help kids fight and prevent cancer. Friends, family and other caring individuals have pledged donations to each shavee, and onlookers can come get that feel-good sentiment while sipping a pint of pre-St. Patty'sGuinness. But there are other ways one can support the cause without losing their locks- volunteers to help gather shavees, promote the event and provide general event assistance are always welcome, as are pledges to shavees. In fact, deVere's has a team of its own! Visit to aid deVere's team in reaching our donation goal of $25,000. As this blog was penned, we're only a third of the way there!

St. Baldrick's Day was founded on the East coast when three Irish reinsurance executives challenged one another in a St. Patrick's Day head-shaving event, raising $17,000 toward childhood cancer research. It quickly became a worldwide event that is the largest volunteer-driven program for that particular cause.

Sacramento's St. Baldrick's Day, taking place at our fine family pub, will precede St. Patrick's Day on March 14th (our St. Patrick's Day Party in the Park event is also a fundraiser for Maryhouse, a Loaves and Fishes program for the homeless), and promises to boast our biggest local turnout to date- and last year, by the way, 210 heads went bald, raising $90,000. It will be hosted by the Keaton Raphael Memorial, and largely organized by the mother of Keaton. Robin Raphael, who lost her dear son to cancer, is committed to raising money for treatments, lobbying in Washington for federal help, education and outreach for families of childhood cancer victims, and gifts for sick children to lighten the load a bit.

Spectators and participants will also enjoy an extended patio, a festive staging area, and a beer garden, as well as the usual conversation, good food, perfect Guinness pints, and craic that make deVere's Irish Pub a local hub of camaraderie, mirth, and deliciousness. Slainte!

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