Slane Castle

Bandit Review:

 My staff has gone nuts over this Irish whiskey. Slane Castle has all the smoothness of a southern Irish whiskey, with hints of vanilla and honey suckle. However, there is a hint of the spiciness and light smoke of Northern Irish whiskeys, take Bushmills for example. Every time you go to taste this whiskey lick your lips after each sip in order to heighten your experience of all the sweetness this whiskey has to offer. Then after swallowing take a slow deep breath in through your mouth and you will pick up the faint lingering of spice and smoke. This whiskey is complex and still remains approachable making it a great whiskey to recommend over the bar to almost any whiskey drinker. The price point is extremely reasonable as well, making this whiskey a favorite of the Bar Bandits. Review:
      " So, unsolicited, today I recieve a bottle of blended Irish whiskey called “Slane Castle.” Metal screw top, picture of a castle on the label, no age statement, and 40% ABV. I never heard of this. As expected, the back label says it was distilled at Cooley (being the only independent Irish distillery and the distillery where most private Irish whiskey labels come from.)

      Sure, I know that Cooley has made some delicious blended whiskeys lately,but still…I am always a little wary of “branded” whiskeys. You never know who’s deciding what goes in the bottles. Let me tell you: what a pleasant surprise! And at a very affordable price. You want a value whiskey? Here’s one. My formal review follows.

Slane Castle Irish whiskey, 40%, $23
     Great malt flavor for a blend–and creamy–with honeyed vanilla, soothing caramel, lively summer fruits, golden raisin, subtle date, and butter cookie. Well-balanced, very clean with no harshness, and very drinkable!

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 80
According to my contact, here’s the scoop on availability:
    The product only landed in the US in July. We have begun the distribution process, but it coincided with the Constellation brand shuffle, which has slowed many of my wholesalers down. I will begin broad based sales in January, and I am “spot starting” in MA, SC, CT, FL and IL."