Sazarac Thomas Handy

"Any crispier and the glass would shatter: hard as a diamond rye, but oh! So much more of a rare and valuable gem!

Rating 94.5"
        Jim Murray's 2009 Whiskey Bible

Bandit Review:
For the price, this is all sorts of Spice and nice!  Incredibley complex and yet affordable.  This bottle packs a punch, but for a beginner it is more approachable then lets say, George T Stagg.  The Stagg is incredible at 141.4 proof, however this is little lighter on the proof and has a smooth finish easy on the burn.  This Rye Whiskey is a must taste and loved by all the Bar Bandits! Review:
      "Notes: This is the first release of the Thomas Handy Sazerac and a new addition to the Antique Collection. If you can find any I suggest you grab it now it will probably be a collectors item. Production was very limited - less than 1/3 the number of barrels than the George T.Stagg.

It is the only barrel-proof rye on the market today.

      First Impression: Rye, allspice, fuity spiciness, saddle leather notes. Damn solid- most whiskey this high a proof would start to burn the nose, this one teases it.
      Taste: Nice medium/heavy body and mouth feel generating warmth wherever it touches with a spicy sourness underlying. Like a very intense almost essence of rye bread. Lingering spicy oak dryness. Remarkably smooth fpr a overproof whiskey - possibly dangerously so."