A Review of the Jameson Whiskey Family Line Up


Nose: Very aromatic. Waxy orange skins. Linseed oil. Leather. Palate: Big, oily, creamy, sociable. Finish: Delicate. Peppery. More-ish. Comment: A superb Irish for everyday drinking. I love this, though not quite as much as the Gold.

Nose: A meeting of oloroso and crisp pot still character. Malty, too. Lovely fruitcake richness, though not as sweet as in recent years. Palate: Very firm, oily, intense and mouthfilling. Finish: A hint of spice counters an increasing oaky bitterness though the barley and sherry last to the very end. Comment: Five or six years back I panned this whiskey: it was lacking in pot still character. Not any more. Now genuinely impressive, charming and characterfull


Jameson 12yr

Nose: Leather handbags, new car smell. Seville oranges and dusk in Valencia. Palate: I have died and gone to heaven. Warm oily spice, cardamom, cinnamon and some damn fine sherry notes. Finish: Rumbles on for ages. Tickling pepper and milk chocolate. Comment: For the money, this is the best damn blend you will ever, ever taste.

Nose: Lush and rich. Some oily pot still notes. Ripe fruit, melon, spices, oak notes, charcoal, some raisin/sultana. With water: cocoa butter, tea cake. Palate: Clean and slightly malty start. Stretches across the palate. Semi-dried peach softness, crisp cereal/oak. Balanced, honeyed and soft.

Finish: Herbal. Comment: Much more like it. Has the rich velvety juicy fruitiness of good Irish.

Jameson Gold

Nose: Light. Fresh wood. Vanilla. Distinctly buttery. Palate: Creamy. Vanilla. Fresh apple. Honey. Finish: Lightly toasty. Fresh-cut cedar. Comment: There is some virgin oak in this one, along with bourbon casks. Bonus points for trying something new, but would have expected more interesting results. I find it a bit light tasting. Try it with fresh brown bread and Dublin Bay prawns.

Nose: Layered elements of soft honey and subtle oak criss-crossing the crisp pot-still. Palate: Truly magnificent honey-barley notes. Finish: Silky and subtle, an essay in bittersweet balance with the final, drier bitter notes reminding you of some decent age. Comment: No two vattings are ever the same. However, astonishingly high quality every time. The most complex Irish of them all; a blenders triumph.

Jameson 18yr

Nose: Fresh, clean linen. Alder. Bath oil. Palate: Firm. Oiled wood. Out of the sauna to a cup of tea. Quite strong flavours. Aromatic and refreshing. Finish: Gunpowder tea. A minor explosion. Comment: Robustly sexy. I always enjoy Jameson, but I really relished coming to grips with this one.

Nose: Soft, rich, juicy: apricot, dried fruits, orange, butterscotch, hazelnut butter. Water brings out sherry, becoming chocolate and bourbon biscuit. Palate: A luscious, oily sweetness with a crisp solidity on the palate, then a burst of dried fruits, spices and citrus fruits. Finish: Rich, soft honeyed. Comment: I could drink this all day. A classic Irish whiskey.


Jameson 21yr

Eye: Amber, dark

Nose:  Citrus, overripe autumn fruit, honey, fudge and mildly spicy, and it must be said that they all comes together rather beautifully.

Taste: Very smooth indeed, with hints of leather, vanilla fudge, nuts – and there is no hiding that it has spent some time in a sherry cask; overall very well balanced with a nice, rounded, sweet aftertaste that lingers pleasantly in your mouth.

Jameson Vintage

The Pernod Ricard-owned Jameson brand is the world’s best-selling Irish whiskey, and is produced in the company’s extremely versatile distillery at Midleton in County Cork, which dates from 1974. There an array of pot and column stills produce spirit that is blended together in bewildering and classified combinations and proportions for the various expressions that make up the Jameson range, and many other brands besides. The latest addition to Jameson’s line up of ‘Reserve’ whiskeys, Vintage Reserve, takes to the shelves alongside Jameson 12 Year Old Special, Jameson Gold and Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve. The four Reserve expressions are all matured in a mixture of ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks, and combine triple-distilled pot and column still spirit. Vintage Reserve contains some of the rarest whiskeys available from Midleton, and one of the component pot stills whiskeys has been matured in port pipes. The oldest element of Vintage Reserve is the grain, some of which is up to 25 years old, and all of the Bourbon casks used are second-fill. Light, floral honey notes from the aged grain component are present on the early nose, along with fleshy peaches and melons. The port casks contribute rich, fruity characteristics, which are sufficiently subtle not to dominate. Barley lingers in the nostrils. The sweet, mellow palate offers bananas and plums, along with developing cinnamon, toasted oak and dairy fudge notes. The finish is long, with sweet fruits, port, spice and a hint of barley. By no means cheap, but this is a confident, sophisticated and beautifully integrated whiskey that has all the makings of an Irish classic. 46.0% ABV

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