A Review of Bushmills Whiskey's


Rich and concentrated, the first impression is of the sweetness. There are hints of honey, spice and chocolate, so greater complexity is revealed under the initial, very slightly cloying, first layer. It’s more intense than the signature Bushmills but a family resemblance can be clearly detected. Again, the initial impact on the palate is smooth sweetness, as this rich whiskey rolls around the mouth. There are toffee and dark caramel notes here, mingling with spicy hints that open up with a dash of water. Hints of fruit also appear after a while. The toffee develops to a dark chocolate on a lingering finish that holds together well. I've rated this 3.5 stars, but if you’re a fan of Bushmills it's worth 4, because you’ll probably love this! 46.0% ABV,

Bushmills Black

Bushmills distillery in County Antrim is currently celebrating the 400 anniversary of a licence being granted to distil in the area, so it is fitting that July’s Whisky of the Month is Black Bush. Bushmills is owned by Diageo and triple distils malt whiskey, which is mixed with grain spirit from Midleton distillery in County Cork to create the Bushmills family of blended Irish whiskeys. Black Bush contains a significantly higher proportion of malt than the popular ‘Original’ brand, and also benefits from the fact that the malt component is matured for between eight and ten years in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks prior to blending. Rich and enticing on the nose, with sweet Sherry, characteristic Irish whiskey oiliness, honey and blackcurrants. The palate is a complex blend of sweet and more austere, slightly metallic, notes; Sherry, Fry’s Turkish Delight, autumn berries and restrained cinnamon spice. Water teases out more Irish oil. The finish offers an initial fudge note that dries slowly and elegantly through treacle toffee to pleasing oak. Undoubtedly one of the world’s great blended whiskeys. 40.0% ABV

Bushmills 10yr

Nose: Distinctly almondy. Some soft, perfumy, winey spiciness. Palate: Toasted almonds, raisins, slightly burnt toffee. Finish: Delicate, elusive, flavours. Long, soft, soothing. Comment: All the woods are influential, especially the port in the finish. A very dexterous balancing act, but is the house character eventually overwhelmed

Nose: Intense malt with a unmistakable sherry richness. Quite firm, fruity and clean. Palate:Sweet, quite lush start: malt, sherry and soft spice. Finish: Lashings of toffee with bigger sherry than of old. Dark fudge sweetness gives way to much drier cocoa notes. Comment: A bigger whisky than of a year or two back with the sherry making a much bigger impression. Quite fruity and full where once it was slightly powdery and over-dependent on the malt character alone.


Bushmills 16yr

Nose: Distinctly nutty, but also with those linseedy Irish flavours. some soft, perfumy, spiciness. Palate: Toasted almonds, raisin, slightly burnt toffee. Finish: Delicate, elusive, flavours. Long, soft, soothing. Comment: All the woods are influential, especially the port in the finish. A dextrous balancing act.

Nose: Beautifully scented with honey, sweet apples, pears, bananas and sherry. Palate: Delicious, malt roundedness, rich fruit and nuttiness peep through the sherry and port structure. Finish: Lingering sweet fruit salad character and the lightest trace of peat. Comment: Absolutely charming Bushmills. Expertly composed.


Bushmills 21yr

Nose: Pronounced Madeira ' toffee' character. Palate: Smooth, sweet, succulent. Marzipan. Glazed almonds. Finish: Dusting of ginger. Comment: A delicious whisky. The sweetness and nuttiness of Bushmills whiskey and of Madeira are an enjoyable double-act. The whiskey has to work hard to avoid being upstaged

Nose: A lifted, perfumed fruit-filled nose, soft and pulpy, apricot yoghurt and crannachan (raspberry oats sugar and cream). Palate: Starts sweet, soft and juicy starting with apricot ending up with redcurrant and cherry. Finish: A very light smokiness. Comment: Lovely balance. A whisky for those who like things on the fruity side.



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