Presenting “The Lighter Side of Ireland” Summer Menus

Crisp-fried fish. Savory cream sauce. Thick sizzling bacon.

While these traditional Irish food staples will always make your mouth water, they might not be what you always want to order—especially during the hot Sacramento summer months. Luckily, we have special, less-heavy menus options for you to indulge in while the mercury rises. For the first time ever, we're presenting a "Lighter Side of Ireland" dining experience—all summer long!

Starting this month, the progressive 3-phase menu gives you an opportunity to try less traditional, more refreshing fare (proving that Irish cuisine is much more than filling potatoes and gravy). It's our nod to the current food movement happening in Ireland right now.

Here's what we're serving: June’s Seaside Menu will offer fresh seafood specials. (Check it out here.) July’s Farm House Menu will feature a variety of savory meats and vegetables. Finally, August’s Urban Menu will highlight the modern side of Irish food. What's even more impressive is that options will change weekly. Our chefs Wes and Ricky have been busy—and extra creative!

If you come in Monday through Thursday, we'll be offering an incredible wine special.  Buy any two entrées from the special menus and get half off any  bottle of wine!

We hope everyone comes to join us for this culinary adventure and enjoy tasting

food from the ocean, the farm, and modern-day Ireland.