Photo Essay: St. Patrick's Day in Sacramento by Jonathan Mendick, published on March 18, 2010 at 4:05PM

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"Sacramento usually sees large crowds on Second Saturday. But Wednesday, it looked more like Dublin as thousands of green-clad Sacramentans attended block parties, drank green beer and celebrated everything even remotely Irish.

The following is a photo essay, depicting some of the Wednesday evening festivities. The first seven photos are from the de Vere's St. Patrick's Day Block Party.

Outside the de Vere's St. Patrick's Day Block Party on L Street, this dog dressed for the occasion in a green sweater. The party drew thousands of people to the 1500s block of L Street.

Kings mascot Slamson showed up to the block party on stilts and showed off his shamrock-covered blazer. He was a crowd pleaser, and he even sat down for an interview with Sacramento Press' own Sonny Mayugba. Slamson mimed and nodded while answering mostly yes or no questions.

Kings player Jon Brockman (left) speaks with Mayugba (right) during an interview. Mayugba interviewed a number of people throughout the day for a live stream of the event, which can be watched here.

Green beads, hats and Guinness were everywhere inside the de Vere's St. Patrick's Day Block Party. A headband, sticker and glittery hat made this pair of party-goers stand out.

A sea of green fills the 1500 block of L Street.

San Diego band The Silent Comedy played a set of folk-influenced rock, with a fiddle providing an Irish pub-style twist to the set.

Guinness was the preferred drink for many.

Streets of London Pub threw its own party, turning its parking lot into a beer garden.

Though not an Irish Pub, hundreds visited Streets of London to eat Irish food like shepherd's pie and corn beef and cabbage while celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the makeshift beer garden.

Hangar 17 was so full of people, its crowd spilled onto the patio area.

A crowd gathered on the 1400 block of R Street as R15, Venue, Shady Lady and Burgers and Brew all participated in the R Street Block Party.

Searchlights outside Venue illuminated the sky and the large crowd outside the R Street Block Party.

Local band Blvd Park played a mini-set outside the Shady Lady."