Outdoor Dining – Downtown Sacramento SCVNGR Trek


Summer is finally in full swing and that means the return of one of our favorite ways to past a balmy Sacramento evening: dining al fresco. If you’re anything like us, you love taking advantage of many fantastic outdoor patios that are so abundant in our fair city, but have a hard time remembering all of the great restaurants that have fabulous outside areas. Or maybe your stuck in a rut and just need help discovering new places to feel the breeze while you have a tasty bite.

We thought we’d both help you solve this summer delima, while also upping the fun factor, with our Outdoor Dining SCVNGR Trek. SCVNGR is a new free smartphone application available for both iPhone and Android. It combines the fun of Foursquare and Facebook with a traditional Scavenger Hunt.



  • Go to your app store and download SCVNGR. (You can read more about it at their website: SCVNGR.com)
  • To play, simply go to “Treks” and find the “Outdoor Dining Downtown” trek. Select it.
  • You will see a list of seven places to eat that offer a variety of different outdoor dining options and specials.
  • At each location, there are several different tasks, questions or activities you can do to earn points! For instance, at Ten 22 if you take a picture of your appetizer in front of their fire pit, you earn 4 points!
  • Visit as many places as you can, and complete tasks at each location to try to get more points than anyone else.

Participants have until 8am July 11th to get as many points as possible! At that point the Top 7 people with the highest scores will win gift certificates to one of the participating locations.



  • Read through all the places and tasks before you start to work out the best strategy.
  • Some places and some tasks are worth more points than others. Get as many of the high point tasks completed as possible for a leg up.
  • Play with your friends, spouse or family. Compete against each other or cross tasks off together to up the fun factor.
  • Pay attention to the time of day. de Vere’s offers great Brunch tasks, while 3 Fires Lounge is great for happy hour or lunchtime tasks. Firehouse, which can be pricy for dinner, also encourages an afternoon happy hour with their tasks, so don’t be discouraged! There’s something for every price range, and note, NO purchase is necessary to complete the tasks and play to win!

Have a great time exploring some of Sacramento’s best, underrated, or oft-overlooked outdoor dining spots! Good luck!

Original Article by the Sacramento Downtown Partnership