Michter's US 1 Rye And it's Older Brother Michter's 10yr Rye

Cocktail Chronicles Review:
"Michter’s US1 Straight Rye Whiskey
        The US1 has earned a reputation as an excellent mixing whiskey that also isn’t too shabby on its own.
It has a nose that is good and spicy, but not too aggressive, with little hints of cherry and tobacco. Tasted neat, the spice is quickly followed by a subdued dryness with a mild fruitiness, and without a great deal of complexity. The finish is short, smooth and sweet, with the cherry notes following through to the end.
     Verdict: Overall this was an enjoyable whiskey, but not a standout. One panelist noted that there was “not much complexity to it; it has a very simple, dry flavor,” but others found the cherry notes on the nose and the palate appealing.

Michter’s 10-Year-Old Straight Rye

     The 10-year-old has earned a lot of raves in recent years, being given the highest recommendation by Wine Enthusiast in 2005, and chosen as the top pick by the Los Angeles Times rye tasting panel that same year.
     This rye was striking, even before we started sniffing it. Panelists noted its engaging amber color in the glass, and on the nose it showed its age and its proof with a rich, sweet aroma with a little pear and a little graininess — “It’s got a great, sweet nose, and the color is exquisite,” one panelist noted.
      At nearly 93 proof, the whiskey had a little heat and an earthy spiciness that was really engaging, but not over the top, and a lush, full body that made the sipping very enjoyable. The spiciness was followed by a slightly sweet middle touched with banana and oatmeal, and a long, smooth finish that was very engaging."
Cocktail Chronicles

Bandit Review:
     These Ryes are amazing! The 10 year has been on back order for the past two months due to its recent popularity! I use the term "recent" lightly as this is one of America's oldest distilleries. It was a favorite of George Washington’s; he actually carried Michters on his campaigns during the revolutionary war in order to keep his troops from getting restless. Rumor has it, he would stop his troops when the weather was too cold, or there was unrest amongst his men and they would all get hammered on Michter's finest. In the morning after a little "R and R", the boys would be back on the road and back in the fight (Or they were too hung-over to complain.).

      All great stories aside, these whiskeys are a personal favorite of all the Bandits. Give it to us straight, give us at least two fingers worth, and otherwise leave the bottle bar keep! We only want to save you the work of having to go back and forth to get the bottle every time we want a refill!