Kilbeggan & Knappogue Irish Whiskeys


Nose: Lemon-grass. Lime. Palate: Medium. Smooth. Sweetish, very toasty, malt character. Well-balanced. Finish: Nice balancing dryness. Leafy. Comment: Light but firm and satisfying. A welcome newcomer for everyday drinking.

Nose: No shyness to the firm, extra-clean grain, but the malt does balance things out beautifully. The fruit has receded in recent years but there are still hints of apple and grape. Palate: Fabulously lush, honeyed and delicately malted. The grain adds complexity. Finish: Still lush, moderately sweet, slightly grapey. The early spices vanish and leave some oak and a grainy firmness. Comment: A satisfying, finely balanced dram which again shows Cooley’s decent grain to good effect.

Knappogue Castle

Nose: Gently fruity, perfumy, smoky. Palate: Light on the tongue. Flowery. Oat-like flavours. Some maltiness. Vanilla sweetness. Finish: Light. A touch of spiciness. Comment: The vinho verde colour suggests a very light whiskey, and this certainly is, in both body and flavour. This bottling seems markedly thinner than the last vintage I tasted.

Nose: Attractive, obviously young but not immature. Grassy with a touch of muesli, sweet almonds and juicy malt. Sauvignon Blanc/green rhubarb ferment notes. Palate: Sweet and fresh all the way through: peaches, blossom and clover. Light nutty malt mid-palate with that winery/grapey note at the back. Finish: Peaches in syrup (en regalia?) then dry cereal. Comment: Hugely drinkable. Young but sweetly vibrant.

A note from de Vere’s Irish Pub:

Our management staff at de Vere’s Pub is dedicated to building Sacramento’s largest whiskey list. We add whiskeys to our list as often as possible, in order to offer our guests the best and most comprehensive assortment in Northern California. To further educate our patrons (and ourselves), we like to post reviews of these whiskeys on our blog. This lets our guests read up on the whiskeys we offer before coming to visit our whiskey bar—which we know you’ll fall in love with upon your first visit.

The whiskey bar is located in the back room of our Irish Pub in downtown Sacramento, which is owned and operated by an Irish family. We understand that you have a lot of choices in the bars and restaurants that you frequent in the Sacramento area, and we hope that we can earn your patronage by providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best place in town to eat, drink, and socialize with your family and friends. So, grab a friend and come down for an incredible whiskey and dining experience!


You can try this Whiskey at  de Vere’s Pub in downtown Sacramento.

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