John Powers A Great Irish Whiskey

Bandit Review:  I was extremely surprised to find that it is really hard to find a review of Powers Irish whiskey. I think that this shows how over looked this whiskey is in the states and most of the world outside of Ireland. Usually, when you type most popular whiskeys into Google you are over whelmed with information, not the case for this great Irish whiskey. This whiskey is a personal favorite of mine and I often drink Powers when I am in Ireland or a good Pub. Powers has a great light spicy aroma with light honey notes. It is easy to drink straight or over the rocks. The price point on this bottle makes it affordable for everyone. One of my favorite cocktails with this whiskey is a "Powers Sour" made by fellow Bar Bandit, Trevor Easter of de Vere's Irish Pub.
      Powers pours a pale golden color. Powers is aged around 7 years (this is blended so there is no set age) in oak casks, so the whiskey does not inherit a lot of color from the wood like other whiskeys. This Irish whiskey undergoes triple distillation, so the whiskey is very clear and pure.

     There is no smoky aroma as Irish Whiskey dries its blend of malted and unmalted barley in closed kilns. Irish whiskey is considered smoother and lighter than other types of whiskey because of this process. The barley and grainy aromas are present as there is little to cover their notes. Powers blends traditional pot still whisky with grain whiskey, so you will nose and taste a variety of grains.

     When poured over rocks, the first sip or two are very pleasant and rich. The spicy flavor will overcome you first and then that will give way to a honey-like sweetness. Powers is more complex than what I consider to be its closest spirit, Jameson. Both are sweeter and smoother than most Scotch, however, Powers is does not give way to the mellow flavors initially. That is why I enjoy Powers more.

     I found that adding enough ice to just chill the whiskey slightly was the best method. A couple cubes that dissolve quickly did not lower the 40% ABV too greatly, but it did help release a little more of the fruity sweetness and aroma.

     Powers will linger with you lightly and not as strongly as you are used to with Scotch. You feel the Powers working, but there is not much to note on your palate a short time after your sip"