Your Favorite de Vere's Staff Members, Now on Facebook!

Our most popular staffers not only serve you up the best craic in they can also keep you up to date all day long on Facebook. Each now has their own fan page, tricked out with videos, OpenTable capabilities, and pub twitter feeds. Be sure to like your favorite de Vere's all-stars. The more likes they get, the more they know they're doing a job well done. Who will have the most likes by the end of the year? Only time will tell!

Bryan de Vere's Pub: If you want to know about whiskey and our Whiskey Society, he's your guy!





Chef Wes--de Vere's Pub: He's the man behind the scenes dream and grilling up our inventive dishes.





Darren de Vere's Pub: Darren "Mumbles" Rothwell...he works Tuesday through Saturday and is your man for football, beers and a laugh! Join him for lunch and brunch!