Each year, in Louisville, Kentucky, a two week long festival culminates in an epic thoroughbred horse race that is watched the world over. The Kentucky Derby, a Grade I stakes race, is ten furlongs or one and a quarter miles in length, and involves the fastest, top competing colts, geldings and fillies in the United States. Also touted the “Run for the Roses” since the winner is draped in a rosy blanket, this competition garners more spectators and bets than any other stakes race of its kind. This year, watch the “fastest two minutes in sports” at de Vere's Irish Pub, which will be hosting an unprecedented Derby Day event this year on Saturday, May 7th beginning at noon. The pre-race festivities will include specials on Mint Juleps and Pimms Cups, which will start at only $5, as well as a big hat contest for the ladies!

You may have seen photographs of the old days when high society attended horse races as a matter of course, and all the well-to-do women would don extravagant lids, hoop skirts, and frilly dresses. So, classy gals, wear your hat that takes up the most real estate possible, and contend for to-be-announced prizes and glory! Don't have a big hat already? Try Sacramento City Dry Goods or the Village Hat Shop in Old Sacramento in an effort to support local businesses, something that de Vere's endeavors to do as well at every possible turn!

Mint Juleps proffered will be made with Woodford or Pure Kentucky bourbon, and our bartenders have been gearing up to make the best ones you've ever tasted. For more on the making of these drinks, check out these


Mint Julep:

Pimms Cup:

The race itself will commence at 3pm and suspense will fill the pub as our patrons gather to witness history in the making. All will be on the edge of their bar stools, and from under the rim of their big hats, as they sip a well-constructed cocktail and cheer for their favorite thoroughbred, a new contender will strive ahead to become the new victor of the Kentucky Derby. De Vere's extends an invite to you, your friends and family to enjoy this annual race within the warmth of our family's pub.

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