de Vere's Traditional Irish Stew

Tender beef braised in Irish Whiskey, slowly cooked with onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, fresh rosemary, and thyme.

This Irish one pot wonder is served with a slice of our house made Brown bread. We take extra care to ensure that you recieve a hot and rich stew to fill you up on a cold winters day.  We make our stock from veal bones and veggies that we reduce for twenty four hours.  This is a crucial part to our stew as it is the base of this dish and really adds depth to it's flavor profile.  We braise our beef in Irish Whiskey and cook the vegetables to perfection.  Our Sautee cook then pulls all the flavors together in order to serve you an incredible Irish stew, that brings me back to my Grandmother's table in Kerry Ireland. We do on occasion make a Lamb stew, and usually reserve this dish for the cold winter months. Like Shepherds Pie, this dish is made with beef in Irish homes more often than not for price purposes.  A lamb strew would be served on special occasions or when entertaining company.  Please follow us on twitter so we can alert you to when we will be serving the lamb stew this winter. (Twitter account)

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