The Best Happy Hour in Sacramento and Davis

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de Vere's Irish pubs have the best happy hour

It’s Wednesday afternoon and the day is dragging. You’re sitting in your cubicle, staring at your screensaver of lush Irish fields. Outside your window it’s dreary and gray, and the thought of braving rush hour traffic is beginning to crush your soul.

But then you see this very blog and you remember -- de Vere’s has the best Happy Hour! Your smile widens and a sense of peace washes over you. You know that it’s an easy walk or drive to de Vere’s because both locations in Sacramento and Davis are centrally located downtown. You remember the convenient valet parking at Firestone in Sacramento, and the ample street parking all over Davis. You know that you can be in the door and on a pub stool within minutes of leaving your workstation.

You start to fantasize about the perfect pint. It’s 20 ounces. Maybe it’s a Guinness – rich, dark and perfectly creamy on top. Maybe it’s a Stella; sometimes we need something a little lighter.

You think about all the great conversations you’ve had with strangers who became friends while sitting at the de Vere’s bar. You remember the time you learned all about European football from fans who came to watch the Aresenal v. Liverpool match. You agree that we have the greatest pub family outside of Dublin, which is another reason why we have the best happy hour in the greater Sacramento area.

Speaking of pub family, you decide to invite your colleagues. You remind them that there’s drink specials on food, wine, beer and cocktails. You remind them that our farm-to-fork food is made fresh by one of the preeminent chefs in the region. A soft pretzel or a This n’ That plate with fresh bread and cheese is the perfect start to a relaxing evening. You tell them that you may even solve the mystery of last quarter’s earnings dip after a shot or two of Jameson. Hey, it could happen.

Your colleagues agree. You are brilliant. They secretly plot to nominate you for Employee of the Month.

You don’t have to tell them that this blog gave you the idea. We’re OK with you being the hero.


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