Connemara A Peated Irish Whiskey

Connemara Nose: Wonderfully peaty and smoky. Palate: Smooth, oily. Sweet, perfumy, smoke. Finish: Smoky. Sweet grass. Comment: The revival of rustic peatiness adds a whole new element to today’s palette of Irish whiskey flavours.

Nose: Sweet, clean peat, vanilla and-floral notes. One of the most profound and complex of Irish noses. Palate: Again very sweet, peaty. Softly honeyed and oily Mild molasses, fabulously smoky. Finish: Becomes drier as some oak bites, but the peat just keeps on rumbling along. Comment: This single malt had suffered from an identity crisis over the last year or so. Some vattings had become slightly off-key, dirty even, and the malt had lost direction. This bottling, however, is back to its brilliant best.

Connemara Cask

Nose: Liniment and farmyard. Palate: Honey on hot porridge, before a mushroom cloud of peat blows your head off. Finish: A rollercoaster ride of pepper, huge amounts of billowing smoke, then vanilla, mint and choc fudge. Comment: I just love this un-chill filtered version; it's fat, it's loud and it's fun. In this price bracket, there are very few Scottish single malts that can match it.

Nose: Muted nose before vanilla, nuts, violet and a mix of estery notes and perfumed peat smoke. Kippers. Palate: A very sweet start, lemon barley water, then the smoke builds in intensity, perfumed, touch of sheepskin. Good intensity. Finish: Long, smoky. Slightly hot. . Comment: Not surprisingly the punchiest and the peatiest of these two

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