Meet Christina Pirruccello, our Bike 2 Beat Cancer honoree

As many of you have heard, we are doing a HUGE bike ride from de Vere's Sacramento to de Vere's Davis to raise money for our dear friend Christina Rosales (Pirrucello), who is battling cancer for the second time. This event is being organized by Christina's friends and fellow Christian Brothers alumni. We are raising money to help her and her family through her cancer treatment, and to establish a trust for her daughter Ella's education. Christina wants her daughter to be able to attend Christian Brothers High School, and as alumni and friends, we are committed to making this wish come true. In order for riders to get to know more about Christina, we asked two of her best friends, Emily and Mary, to answer some questions. That way everyone can get an idea--albeit a small one--of how special Christina truly is.

For more information about the Bike 2 Beat Cancer ride,  silent auction, and raffle, check out our events page.


When and how did you and Christina become friends? We are all friends from high school. Mary and she became friends on a school trip to Mexico, and that is when she really became part of our circle. Jenny and Emily lived and went to college with Christina as well.

What was she like as a high schooler?
A beautiful and vibrant cheerleader. So cute and chipper!! Christina was always up for anything... road trip to the grand canyon, backpacking in Kauai, picking up hitchhikers!
What is she like today, as a friend, wife and mom?
Christina is all about her friends. She makes friends wherever she goes. She is the type of person who has a personal exchange with the checker at the grocery store or the waitress at Paesanos.

As a mother she is super crafty. Always has a cute and fun new project to share with Ella, her daughter. She is extremely loving and attentive.

As a wife, she is a supportive partner. She is a do-it-all kind of lady!! Although her favorite thing in the world is to bake, she does not just stay in the kitchen! She has her say in all the home improvement-type projects. She is also a successful working mom, with a perfect balance of career and family. Christina and Ryan just celebrated their 1 year anniversary on July 9, 2012. Last year, they planned a super fun and unique surprise wedding. All the guests were invited to a party for what they thought was Christina's celebration of life party. Basically a party to celebrate Christina being cancer-free. When guests first arrived it was not revealed at first glance. After a delicious dinner with hot pink decor--of course--we were invited out on the patio for a toast. And voila, a dream wedding! Christina loves to laugh and has the best sense of humor. The surprise wedding was all her idea.

Tell us about her daughter.
She is a lot like her mom: fun, lively, and energetic. She is spirited, silly, and beautiful! She  is a very compassionate child. Always concerned when another child is crying or unhappy. She is a complete mama's girl. Christina carried her around in a baby bjorn way past the weight and age limit! She loves princesses and has been known on more than one occasion to fall asleep in one of her princess dresses.
What are Christina's best characteristics?
Christina is super outgoing. She is the most positive person I've ever met. She is full of joy and has a little hand clap that says it all! She is always making a party more lively and fun!! She makes a mom's bunco night feel like a true PAR-TAY!! She loves her friends and social time. Yet she is a dedicated wife and proud mother. She is always there to listen and offer her best advice. She is a talented baker and a food and wine enthusiast. She is very fancy!
When and how did she get diagnosed?
She found a lump in her breast in the fall of 2010. She was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in November 2010. She was given treatment through July 2011. She was pronounced cancer free on July 25 2011. May 2012 she found out the cancer was back and metasticised to several organs.
How is she doing currently?
She is currently going through the toughest part of cancer, undergoing chemotherepy and radiation. She still tries to find ways to get Ella to play dates and enjoys visits from friends.