St. Patrick's Day Giggle and Riot Photobooth Fun

We're pretty obsessed with this video snap, featuring every pic taken in the Giggle and Riot Funbooth on St. Patrick's Day. See someone you know? Make sure they see this!



deVeres from Giggle and Riot on Vimeo.

Pub Trend: "Trevoring"

de Vere's staff member Trevor posted quite a trend-sparking selfie the other day (screenshot seen below). His co-workers were so inspired by his pose and charisma, that they decided to replicate it! Hence the new pub trend, "Trevoring." Here, explore the art of the "Trevor," and feel free to create your own!


"Trevoring" by de Vere's Staff & Patrons by Slidely Slideshow

The Irish Coffee Challenge!



The Irish Coffee Challenge

The Irish Coffee Challenge is not just for anyone–it’s for those who take coffee, whiskey, and road trips seriously. de Vere’s Irish Pub challenges you to compare their Almost Famous Irish Coffees to the world famous Irish Coffees at The Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco–and tell us which one you like best!

Why? Our regulars often comment on how incredible our Irish Coffees are and almost always reference the Buena Vista’s in the same sentence.  So we created this experience to allow people to vote on their favorite Irish coffee.  The challenge is simple, and requires a small journey, but will lead to the discovery of the best Irish Coffee.

You’ll need to order Irish Coffees at both establishments, take pictures of your challenge experience, and secure a sober driver. Are you up for the challenge?

Take the Irish Coffee Challenge!

Go to to see how YOU can be a part of the quest for the best Irish Coffee!



Your Favorite de Vere's Staff Members, Now on Facebook!

Our most popular staffers not only serve you up the best craic in they can also keep you up to date all day long on Facebook. Each now has their own fan page, tricked out with videos, OpenTable capabilities, and pub twitter feeds. Be sure to like your favorite de Vere's all-stars. The more likes they get, the more they know they're doing a job well done. Who will have the most likes by the end of the year? Only time will tell!

Bryan de Vere's Pub: If you want to know about whiskey and our Whiskey Society, he's your guy!





Chef Wes--de Vere's Pub: He's the man behind the scenes dream and grilling up our inventive dishes.





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