Bourbon Month Spirit Tasting with St. George Distillery

St. George Distillery is coming!St. George Distillery

Date: Wednesday September 4th, 2013

Time: 6pm-7:30pm 

Location: de Vere's Irish Pub, 1521 L Street

Tickets: $5

Calling all whiskey, rye and bourbon fans! We invite you to kick off National Bourbon Month at the pub with a St. George Distillery tasting and education session! Experience their Breaking & Entering Bourbon, Dry Rye Gin and Single Malt Whiskey with a distillery expert and fellow whiskey enthusiasts--all for just $5. For more info on St. George Distillery spirits, go to

Only 30 spots are available, so snag your tickets ASAP!


A de Vere’s Pub Drinking Guide: What and When to Drink When You’re Here!

If you’re a newbie to the various libations de Vere’s has to offer, we’d like to provide a primer in order to maximize your pub experience.  Whether you are a beer fan, budget drinker, or supremely fond of oaky whiskies, de Vere’s has something perfect for you! Here's a de Vere's Pub drinking guide for your viewing pleasure!

Happy Hour

Join us Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 6:30 and take advantage of our discounted happy hour drink and food specials.  Our favorite combo?  Some of our ever-popular pub chips, washed down with a refreshing Wee Ginger (Jameson & Gingerale with barrel-aged bitters)—both $ 4 each!

Beer, Beer, Beer!

Of course you’ve heard about our perfectly poured pints of Guinness, and our extensive selection of draught and bottled beers, but did you know we offer a rotating array of specialty craft beers?  To boot, we are always listening to and encouraging suggestions from our guests!

Whiskey Obsessed

If you love this complex spirit, we’d like to welcome you to the club…literally! For a one-time fee of $50, you can have access to the various perks that come with being a member of our Whiskey Society.  Benefits include discounted whiskey tasting flights, “You Call It” whiskey nights, and the chance to participate in one of our not-to-be-missed Whiskey Dinners!

Specialty Cocktails

Sure we are especially fond of Guinness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a mean cocktail as well.  For a classic, try our de Vere’s Manhattan.  If you’re looking to change it up a little, we suggest the Buster Brown: Buffalo Trace bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and Regan’s orange bitters, shaken and served over ice. 



5 Fun Facts About Drinking at De Vere’s

As if you need an excuse to come in and have a drink or are five more!

1) We never charge corkage fees…seriously, never!

2) You can get 14 oz of Olympia for just $2…and 20 oz. for just $3! 

3) Whiskey Society memberships will be good at both de Vere’s locations! Get all the details here:

4) We now have a “Dew and a Brew” special: A shot of Tullamore Dew Whiskey and an Olympia for just $6!

5) Our new Craft Beer Station (in the back bar) hosts 6 rotating craft beers. Choices change as the kegs run out…and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So come in often and prepare for some rare, delicious surprises.

Sazerac & old Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle 13yr Deep tawny copper. Powerful caramel, spice, sweet tobacco, and estery aromas jump from the glass. A smooth, broad entry leads to a medium-to full-bodied palate with sweet toffee, roasted nut, and leather notes. Finishes with a wave of white pepper, spice, and long-lingering dried fruit flavors. A profoundly rich and oaky rye whiskey.

Sazerac 6yr

Buffalo Trace’s Sazerac is big and spicy on the nose, with molasses, sultanas, vanilla and lanolin. Mouth – and glass! – coating, intense and oily rye, with dry spices and a hint of liquorice. Becoming sweeter, with developing ripe bananas. The finish is long, with a sprinkling of pepper, lightly oaky and determinedly dry. A lovely, complex and confident example of America’s true Classic whiskey style. Good to see rye undergoing a modest revival, and spirit as good as this can only help the cause 90.0% ABV

Sazarac –Thomas Handy

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac is the newest addition to the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. It is an uncut and unfiltered straight rye whiskey, named after the New Orleans bartender who first used rye whiskey to make the Sazerac Cocktail. According to the distillers, “The barrels were aged six years and five months on the fifth floor of Warehouse M. It’s very flavourful and will remind drinkers of Christmas cake.” Summer fruits and pepper notes on the nose. The palate is a lovely blend of soft vanilla and peppery rye, while the finish is long and comforting with oily, spicy oak. 63.8% ABV,

You can try this Whiskey at  de Vere’s Pub in downtown Sacramento.

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Whiskey from Utah? High West Here We Come

High West Rendezvous

" Rendezvous Rye is a blend of a 6 year old with 95% rye, and a 17 year-old that's 80% Rye. This would put it at one of the highest rye contents on the market, possible second only to Old Potrero's 100% (which if you ask me, is just a bit much).

The Rendezvous Rye exhibits a maturity and sophistication I have never encountered in a Rye. It's age is certainly a factor in this, but it was obviously crafted with love and care. On the nose it is light and sweet, with only a hint of spice. The body starts with honey and jammy fruits, with herb notes, leading into an intense and lingering rye spice finish."

High West 16yr

Rye is back in style in a big way. And High West Distillery from Park City, Utah, is at the forefront of the resurgence, making small batch, hand-crafter spirits like this one. The 16 year is one of the most intensly "ryed" whiskies you will ever taste, with a mash bill of 80% rye, 10% corn and 10% barley. Like all High West whiskies, the 16 year old is not chill-filtered, which results in a spicy, and deliciously rich flavor profile that lingers long on the finish.  Please note a slight hint of Coyote Mint.

High West 21yr

The 21 year old was aged in used oak barrels, which is very unusual for rye (almost all American-made whiskies are aged exclusively in new oak). Rather than the intense vanilla flavors imparted by new wood, the Rocky Mountain Rye showcases the peppery spiciness that distinguishes rye from corn or barley mash whiskies. With over 20 years in the barrel, the spirit is very delicious and very complex.




You can try this Whiskey at  de Vere’s Pub in downtown Sacramento.

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