3 Irish Brothers Show The Family Business is Committed to a Cure!

de Vere's  Irish Pub has become a local favorite, a place to unwind after work and grab a pint! Well did you know that owners, Mark, Simon and Henry are son's of UC Davis Cancer Center Director, Ralph de Vere White? The quest to find a cure is not a new cause for the boys who grew up watching their dad fight this disease on the front lines as a cancer surgeon. So what does a popular pub and childhood cancer have in common? deVere's will host a St. Baldrick's head-shaving celebration on Monday, March 15 from 5-8pm! The challenge is to BE Brave and GO Bald! Pledges are raised and in exchange those brave souls will shorn! All to raise life-saving research dollars for Childhood Cancer. Keaton Raphael Memorial, a local childhood cancer foundation has been sponsoring St. Baldrick's Celebrations since 2003 and funded local projects at UC Davis since 1998.

Despite some progress, childhood cancer still remains the #1 disease killer of our children in the U.S.; killing more children than pediatric AIDS, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomolies combined!

"Sacramento has been so good to our family that we felt we wanted to give something back to this great city and what better way than investing in a cure for our kids battling cancer," said Henry de Vere White, of the restaurant’s involvement.

So I challenge anyone with hair to Be Brave and Go Bald so that we can spread the deVere look and create "the Clan that Can!"

Register to shave or make a donation to the event at www.StBaldricks.org and click on Sacramento, deVere's pub

Come on it's only hair, our kids with cancer don't have a choice--you do, BE A HERO!