10 Fun Facts About de Vere's Irish Pub

1. We have lemon-lime Gatorade...on tap.2. All of our bar tops were "blessed" with a good rubdown of whiskey. 3. We give state employees 15% off lunch food Monday through Friday (and have since the day we opened)! 4. We have the biggest selection of whiskey in Sacramento. Check it out. 5. 20 of our staffers have at least one child. 6. The only food that's not made 100% in-house is the ranch dressing. 7. Our bar has an Irish penny built in it for good luck. 8. Our staff is stacked! One of our servers is a 3rd-degree black belt, another is a lawyer, one of our door hosts in an EMT, one of our managers is an ex go-go dancer, and one of our bartenders in a qualified corrections officers. 9. All of the photos on our walls are of our family. 10. Parlez-vous francais? Talk to Karli, she's fluent!